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Schick Quattro For Women

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Schick Quattro for Women

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The Bottom Line

Schick Quattro for Women, the only razor a girl needs to have in my book. The four blades give a super close shave without nicking, and the conditioning strips leave skin soft.
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  • Four blades
  • Aloe and vitamin E conditioning strips on either side of blade
  • Pivoting head


  • One of the pricier drugstore razors


  • Manufacturer- Schick Wilkinson-Sword, an Energizer Company
  • Usage- Women's razor
  • Options - A disposable kind is available, but this review is on the regular version
  • Average Initial Cost - $9.00 (handle, 2 blades and shower hanger)
  • Average Refill Cost - $18.00 (8 blade refills)

Guide Review - Schick Quattro For Women

I've tried many razors throughout my life, because shaving is quick and easy. I haven't (so far) found a better razor than Schick Quattro for Women. This razor gives me a close, nick-free shave while moisturizing my skin.

At first I thought it was the four blades that made the world of difference in my close shave, so I tried another company's brand with multiple blades, but there was no comparison. Schick Quattro for Women gave me a much closer shave. I'm sure it will come to no big surprise that Schick Quattro for Women's razor itself is made in China, but interesting to note the blade cartridge is made in Germany. While I'm not quite sure where all other razor manufacturer's get their blades, this German-made blade may be the huge difference in quality.

The conditioning strips are another big plus. Even if you don't have time to apply lotion after shaving, the hydration power is just enough to moisturize skin without making it feel greasy.

Way to go Schick, I think you may just have the perfect woman's razor.
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
terrible...almost an anti-razor, Member kelliesprinkles

i have been using this razor for a year or so...just figured it was a good enough razor...figured ingrowns & stubble were just a part of it all...it is pretty much exactly the same if not a little worse than the schick quattro for men. // i am compelled to write this review because just the other day i tried my roommate's gilette venus --- a MILLION times better at getting a close shave, especially for the bikini area....i then compared the two razors to figure out what the heck was the difference! with the quattro the plastic edges at the sides sides of the blades are too high to allow the blades to hit the skin for a smooth clean shave. terrible for bikini area...does just OK on legs & underarms. get the venus instead!!!!

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