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Secret Deodorant Smooth Effects Silky Botanical

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The Bottom Line

Every girl should have Secret Deodorant Smooth Effects in her grooming kit! No wetness, no odor and minimal shaving while using the trusted Secret brand. A new version of old faithful.


  • Reduces the visual appearance of hair
  • Makes hair look and feel softer and finer
  • Conditions underarms for touchable, smooth skin


  • Does not last as long as a solid can


  • Manufacturer: Secret
  • Usage: Hair minimizing deodorant
  • Average Price: $ 4.99-$5.50
  • Options: Satiny Tropical and Silky Botanical scents

Guide Review - Secret Deodorant Smooth Effects Silky Botanical

As most of us know, the business that can take place in our underarm region can be abominable, ghastly, and sometimes offensive. With all the time and effort we spend by shaving or waxing our underarms, we could probably add an additional day to our lives.

That could soon end with the new Secret Smooth Effects Silky Botanical. I have tested this product everyday for the last thirty days. I also bought a second one for a friend of mine who is equally as hairy, and can be as offensive as a man at times. (Sorry sweetie!) She was in full agreement to use the product everyday with me. And so our journey began!

Day one was great. It was such a nice and light scent of a fresh floral bouquet. The two-click method seemed to work the best for us. Simply turn the knob and extract the product with two clicks for enough to easily glide over your underarms. Day two through six was more of the same, except our deal was, no shaving. By day seven, our hairy pact was complete. Now we shave!

We both shaved on the same day and continued with our daily two-click ritual. My friend, who shall remain nameless, did not have the offensive man smell coming from her underarms. Both of us also seemed to have softer skin and shaving seemed to be easy. Our hair that did appear seemed to be finer and softer to the touch.

Week three came and seemed to fly by. This time eight days went by and then we shaved. AMAZING! Both of us are definitely two-day max girls, so eight days is a tremendous feat. We have been using it everyday for 30 days and have a bit more product left.

Although solids seem to last a bit longer, if you are like me, you want to change scents every so often so it is a perfect amount of product to do that with out waste.
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