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Nair For Men Speed Cream

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


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Nair For Men. Speed Cream

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The Bottom Line

Nair for Men Speed Cream works well if you have a large area of body hair that you want removed, but don't mind it coming back as fast as shaving. If you are prone to razor burn from shaving, the cream might be a better choice. Although with any depilatory, you do run the risk of getting a chemical burn.
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  • Product stayed in place, didn't drip
  • The hair ends felt a little bit softer than shaving when growing back


  • The product was very, very cold going on the back
  • The cream stunk a little bit, or so my brother thought. (I've smelled a lot worse)
  • It's full of strong chemicals
  • It didn’t work in 3 minutes, but took 10 minutes


  • Manufacturer - Church & Dwight Co.
  • Average cost - $8.00
  • Usage- Hair removal cream made for men used on the legs, arms, underarms, back and chest

Guide Review - Nair For Men Speed Cream

I tried it on my brother's back hair. Hey, what are brothers for?

The cream has to be put on very thick, but not rubbed in for it to take effect. I did read on some other reviews where the hair didn't come off after keeping the cream on for 10 minutes (which is the max time). So make sure to really coat the hair if you use it.

I would also suggest wearing gloves because this is a very strong cream made to dissolve men's hair in a short time. It can really burn and sting your hands.

My brother has shaved his back before and gotten redness and bumps, so he really liked not having any of those issues after using Nair For Men Speed Cream. He also said that after growing back, the tips of the hair were a bit softer compared to when it was shaved. But, overall he wouldn't use it again because of the strong chemicals.

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