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We know there are a lot of hair removal products out there promising you easy, quick, hair-free results. So we put them to the test. We also welcome and appreciate your personal ratings and reviews as well.
  1. Laser / IPL
  2. Sugaring Reviews
  3. Women's Razor Reviews
  4. Wax Reviews
  5. Bikini Zone Product Reviews
  6. Ingrown Hair, Razor Burn & Razor Bump Fighter Reviews
  7. Shaving Gel/Cream Reviews
  8. Shaving Accessory Reviews
  9. Men's Product Reviews
  1. Hair Removal Cream / Spray Reviews
  2. Tweezer Reviews
  3. Eyebrow Shapers & Helper Reviews
  4. Numbing Products
  5. Epilator Reviews
  6. Hair Minimizing Deodorant Reviews
  7. Product Lists
  8. Other Hair Removal Reviews

Laser / IPL

hair removal products, laser at home, tria, silkn

Yes, you can do laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments at home. Read more about the models available and testing on myself and my assistant Nicole.

Sugaring Reviews

sugaring hair removal products

This ancient hair removal method is a more natural and less painful option over waxing. How does it work for at home and at the spa?

Women's Razor Reviews

With some many options out there, it can be hard to pick the right one without wasting money trying them all.

Wax Reviews

Many types and kinds of wax await for your hair and skin type.

Bikini Zone Product Reviews

A sensitive area that requires special products. Get ready for that bathing suit.

Ingrown Hair, Razor Burn & Razor Bump Fighter Reviews

All very common side effects of hair removal, especially after shaving and waxing. Check out these products that may be able to prevent and fight the ugly bumps, redness and inflammation.

Shaving Gel/Cream Reviews

The shaving cream or gel you use is just as important as the razor in getting a great shave.

Shaving Accessory Reviews

You get longer lasting results, less nicks and smoother skin with the right shaving tools.

Men's Product Reviews

mens hair removal products

Products made especially for the guys, but do they work well?

Hair Removal Cream / Spray Reviews

Also known as depilatories, we test out these hair dissolvers, and see if they can save you some time and money.

Tweezer Reviews

Tweezers are wonderful for shaping brows and cleaning up stray hairs in a pinch. But don't just pick up any pair, they aren't all created equal.

Eyebrow Shapers & Helper Reviews

hair removal products

The perfect eyebrows make your eyes stand out, can give you an instant "lift" taking off years, and give you a more polished or groomed look.

Numbing Products

Let's be honest, pulling the hair out can really hurt.

Epilator Reviews

Instead of removing the hair individually yourself, these products use electronic tweezers or coils to get rid of many hairs all at once.

Hair Minimizing Deodorant Reviews

You'll be putting deodorant on anyway. Can these products help turn underarm hair from "the pits" to less shaving or waxing?

Product Lists

Helping you get exactly what you need to overcome a challenge, sort through products or find the cream of the crop.

Other Hair Removal Reviews

Other products to help you get hair free. Can ridding hair at home be this easy?

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