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Ingrown Hairs- Prevention and Treatment


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No doubt at some time or another you got rid of some hair only to be greeted with redness, irritation and bumps a few days later. Yes, lovely ingrown hairs. Rest assured there are some things you can do to prevent this pesky problem and try to get rid of any you have now.

What Can Men and Women Do To Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Shaving?

  • Prep and soften skin and hair. Prior to shaving, use a gentle scrub which will both remove dead skin for a cleaner shave, and help point hair out of the skin for it to be properly shaved. Shave after you have been in the shower for a bit, not right away, since the steam and heat will soften the hair.

  • Use a new blade, or try a different kind altogether. Old blades are both dull and can introduce bacteria into freshly shaved skin. Some skin types simply do not respond well to standard blade shaving. If you are still having ingrown hairs or razor bump/burn challenges, switch to a high quality electric razor.

  • Watch your pressure and technique. Press gently with the blade as too much pressure removes excess surface skin. Shave with the grain, as shaving against the grain will cause both skin irritation and point hairs back into the skin causing a bump. Try and avoid shaving over the same area too many times, as each stroke removes skin cells and can cause unnecessary irritation.

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How Can I Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs?

  • Disinfect the area. Use a product containing buffered fatty alcohol, which gives the astringent benefits of alcohol, with much less stinging and all of the bacteria killing benefits.

  • Reduce the swelling. Also, a topical anti-inflammatory helps reduce swelling caused by the ingrown hair. Over a few day period of time, apply a product made for fighting ingrown hairs to the target area and the bumps will subside and the ingrown hair will point back to the surface of the skin.
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Why Are Some Zones (face, underarms and bikini) More Prone to Ingrown Hairs and Irritation?

Certain parts of the body are more difficult to shave and can be more prone to razor bumps due to body heat and friction between skin or against clothing.

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