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Shaving Hair Removal 101


Shaving Hair Removal 101
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Shaving hair removal, the most common way to rid hair, simply cuts hair off at skin level with a razor. Skin is first wet with water, and then a slipping agent like a cream or gel is applied to help the razor glide over skin while cutting hair.

After all of the hair from an area is shaved, it is washed with water to clean skin of any remaining residue. Shaving hair with an electric razor doesn't necessarily require water, but a nice splash does help get rid of loose shaved hairs when you're done.

Will it Make My Hair Thicker?

The old wives tale that once you shave hair, it will come back thicker isn't true. But it's easy to understand how this myth started. Hair that has never been shaved has a tapered or beveled edge. Once it is cut, the edge is now blunt. So when it grows back above the surface not only does it feel stiffer than before, it looks thicker too.

The Pros

  • It's very accessible. Shaving is quick and can be done at home, or pretty much anywhere with an electric razor.

  • Affordable. Basic razors and accessories are fairly inexpensive and easy to come by.

  • Not painful. Since it's not removing the hair from the root, if it's done correctly, it shouldn't hurt.

The Cons

  • Very temporary results are seen. You aren't silky smooth for very long because hair will be above the skin surface in several hours, or at best in a few days.

  • Can cause ingrown hair or razor bumps. Because shaving often creates a sharp tip, it can help the hair to grow back into the skin.

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    Ouch Factor

    Shaving hair, the actual process shouldn't hurt at all. But getting ingrown hairs or accidentally nicking yourself can be painful. Razor burn which can range from mild to severe isn't a pretty sight, and can make skin itchy and sting.

    The Costs

    • Disposable Razors: Priced anywhere from .50 cents to $3.50 each, give you a couple of uses before you throw them away.

    • Regular Razors: These are the kind that you keep the handle but throw away the blade. They last a bit longer than their disposable counterparts and usually have a pivoting head. The initial purchase of the shaving system (razor and blade) costs approximately $7 to $13, and blade replacements run about .80 cents to $4 each.

    • Electric Razors: $20 to over $250 depending on the quality, design, and features.

    • Shaving Slip: Cream, lotion, gel, soap, or oil- they all help in getting a smooth shave. A basic cream sells for about $2 and can run upwards of $25 or more for a designer or organic shaving gel.

    • Professional Shave: A no-frills men's facial shave at a barbershop can be as low as $5, and as high as $50 in an upscale spa complete with hot towels and a mini facial massage. A 15% - 20% gratuity on your total bill is customary and suggested.
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