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Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Nature Fresh

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The Bottom Line

Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth is a great multi-tasking product that works at making hair less noticeable with all the benefits of deodorant.
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  • Multitasking- All the benefits of a deodorant plus more
  • Works in minimizing the appearance of hair
  • Moisturizes skin while keeping underarms fresh


  • Can leave a white residue


  • Manufacturer: Dove
  • Usage: Deodorant and hair minimizer
  • Average Price: $3.00- $5.00
  • Options: Nature Fresh and Wild Rose

Guide Review - Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Nature Fresh

So I heard that Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth provides odor and wetness protection. A whopping 24-hours worth! It also has a unique formula that helps soften underarm stubble and with regular use, hair becomes softer, finer and easier to remove. I was excited to give it try. There are so many products out there that claim they can tackle this feat, but do they work and are they worth the money?

Dove has been around for ages so if anyone could do it, they could. And they did. Dove finally married moisturizers and the usual pit protection to provide us, the consumer, with an easy to use and great smelling deodorant solid. This deodorant was wonderful in providing moisturizing wetness protection to my underarms. It seemed that as time went on, I was shaving less often, and it did make the hair feel less coarse. I felt that I could go longer with out hair removal because the hair did feel finer.

This product is well worth the money since I have found it for less than $5.00. There are similar products out there that can run upwards of $20.00. The only problem you will have is trying to decide between the Nature Fresh, green floral and fruity notes for freshness seekers and Wild Rose, floral notes with a feminine and elegant flair.

Dove Visibly Smooth also comes in Clinical Protection (read review).
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
it sucks... simple as that, Member danikalouise

I bought it thinking cool, it has to be good, doves always good. WRONG!!! i never had a problem with body odour before using this but i believe this product actually makes it worse... seriously... if you miss even one day of using it you smell like you just ran 5 miles after an hour... it doesnt make hair look any less invisible and the reviewer above is right, i believe it actually makes my hair grow faster. If you want it to cover up the smell you have to lather it on and its just horrible. I wouldnt suggest it to anyone. not worth the 4 dollars i paid for it.. if you use secret stick with it. do NOT switch over for this!

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