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Hair Care Down There Ultimate Shaving Kit

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Ultimate Shaving Kit

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The Bottom Line

Pubic female shaving is different than shaving other parts of the body. Because of the special needs of this area, Hair Care Down There’s Ultimate Shaving Kit gives you everything you need to prep hair, shave, soothe skin, and even design.


  • 3-Step shaving system works preventing ingrown hairs, bumps and redness
  • Clear, non foaming shaving cream helps see where you’re shaving
  • Stencils, pencil and jewels are included if you want to do some designing


  • The shaving cream and razor didn't give a super close shave


  • Manufacturer – Hair Care Down There, Inc
  • Usage – Bikini area and pubic female shaving (although men can use it too)
  • Cost - $89 (at time of review)

Guide Review - Hair Care Down There Ultimate Shaving Kit

The groundwork is a three part shaving system: clear non-foaming shaving cream a soother to prevent ingrown hairs, and moisturizer. It must have worked because I didn’t get any ingrown hairs or bumps which can be a real problem when shaving the bikini area. And the clear non-foaming shaving cream is genius to see exactly where you’re ridding hair, especially if you want to make some designs. The cream is a bit thin, and possibly why it didn’t give a very close shave like I’m used to.

A pivoting head and lubricating strips are two musts for me in a razor, which the model it came with had. What was different was that it has a slim head for precision and safety. And you don’t have to order online to get cartridge refills, but can pick the Tri-Flexxx blades up at drugstores and Walmart.

While some companies give you a black and white folded information booklet, Hair Care Down There sends a completely colored pocket-sized book with full instructions, tips and photos (be aware, there’s full nudity) showing how to create different looks- from the classic bikini to the Brazilian and designs.

Bikini designs are really popular right now. So instead of having to getting a bikini wax in a preferred shape done professionally, you can use the pencil, stencils and jewels right at home. Pubic female shaving, of course, won’t last have the long-lasting results like waxing though. But then again, this whole kit is comparable to what you would pay for one bikini waxing design service.

The Ultimate Shaving Kit Contains: Shave, Soothe, Smooth, Stencils, Pencil, Body Jewels, Compact Brush, Double Sided Mirror, Safety Scissors, High Visibility Razor, Two-Sided Comb, Carry All Case and Ultimate Shaving Guide. And if you like the results, you don’t need to re-order the entire kit again. The three-part shaving system is for sale on its own.
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