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How to Save Money on Men's and Women's Razors


Razor blades probably have sent you over budget some time or another. They seem to be used as quickly as you can refill them. We have some tips on how to save money without resorting to using something dull or poorly made over your skin.

1. Make Razors Last Longer

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It probably seems like you’re always buying replacement cartridges. It’s proven that water, product and dead skin cells chew up your razor’s life, making it dull way before its time. We tell you how to remove them after every shave and stay away from corrosive elements.

2. Try the Store or Off Brand

These have much less money put into marketing than the big guys. Sometimes they’re not the same or even close to the same quality as the leaders. When they do work well and price difference is often substantial, it can add up to a lot when the entire family switches over.

For instance, take the CVS brand. My husband said the CVS Men's Magnum 3 Blade Razor didn't remove his facial hair and he hated it. However, I thought the CVS 6 Blade Razor for Women worked decently and left my skin without any irritation. It’s about $5 for four refill cartridges, whereas Schick Quattro for Women (one of my favorites) costs more than double- four cartridges sell for roughly $12.

The Dorco brand (which I haven’t yet tried) also has amazing prices. A four cartridge refill of the Dorco Pace 3 costs only $3. Compare that to Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, $9 buys four cartridges.

3. Sport Some Facial Hair

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Keeping a goatee will have you only shaving half your face. Therefore, one blade can last twice as long as opposed to going totally clean shaven. Wearing a stubble beard now and then or skipping on shaving on the weekends can also lengthen your razor’s life.

4. Coupons and Sales

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Your favorite razor might have coupons now and then. But don't stop there. When a new razor is released or the company is trying to boost sales, you can get the handle and two cartridges for pretty cheap with a sale, and often a coupon in hopes you'll switch over.

If you have more than one handle, you’ll be able to buy different cartridges when they’re on sale or there are coupons. The savings can really be significant when combing the two. This tip works great for women who like both men’s and women’s razors (me!).

Don't get the Sunday paper or like cutting coupons? Go to sites like redplum.com and coupons.com and print out only the coupons you want.

5. Go Electric

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A good men's or women's electric razor isn't exactly cheap. However after the initial investment a quality device will last quite awhile if it’s cared for properly and cheaper in the long run than buying mounds of cartridges or disposables.

Using it dry, you’ll save on shaving cream or gel, water and time. They often don’t give as close of a shave like a good manual razor, but it’s a great choice when the look of hair-free skin is more important than the feel.

6. Dollar Shave Club

This could save a little money, especially if you like their twin blade. It’s a subscription service that ships the cartridges each month to your door.

This is how it works: A free a handle is included when signing up and pay per month for a certain amount of cartridges. $1 plus shipping gets five of The Humble Twin that has two blades. The next two selections include shipping: $6 buys four cartridges of The 4X that has four blades. $9 gets three cartridges of The Executive that has six blades and a lubricating strip.

7. ChicShave

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The same kind of service like above, except it's tailored to women. The razors alone aren't inexpensive, but may be worth it if convenience is very important or you've ended up one too many times with razor burn resorting to dull blades because you didn't have fresh ones.

Each razor comes with a free handle when joining and provides shipping and two cartridges with lubricating strips per month for $9. A choice of three different razors as pictured left: The Lady's Man (three blades), Sapphire Lady (three blades) and The Pink Lady (five blades).

I tried all three blades and they're not as heavy or look as well-built as big name brands. However, I got a nice close, irritation-free shave with Sapphire Lady and The Lady’s Man, but didn’t get the closest shave with The Pink Lady.

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