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How to Save Money on Shaving Supplies

Get Razors, Soap, Creams, Gels, Kits and Oils for Less


As most us use the razor for hair removal, shaving supplies can add up to a pretty penny. How can we save money without resorting to cheap disposables and regular soap or cutting out our favorite step? We can prolong the life of our razors, make the products ourselves, use alternatives or find a way to get them cheaper.

1. Spend Less on Razors

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Whether you have a favorite brand or not. We have many tips on how to remove corrosive elements to make them last longer, ways to get them cheaper and services for both men and women who are drawn to convenience.

2. Vegetable Glycerin as a Pre-Shave Oil

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Pre shave oil is the best kept secret in the shaving world and shouldn’t be. It helps the razor glide instead of drag and can provide a closer shave. It only takes a bit underneath cream or gel to do its job. A really good product made of nourishing skin oils does work wonderfully but isn't exactly cheap.

Vegetable glycerin is added in personal care products, including many for shaving because it gives very good slip and softens skin. It’s extremely affordable considering the price ounce for ounce against a pre shaving oil and a little goes a long way. It works well in its place as it’s not too thick or oily, doesn’t clog the razor and leaves skin moisturized.

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3. Make Shaving Soap

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I definitely don’t recommend whipping out your normal soap to shave with unless you’re really desperate. Shaving soaps, however, are different made with 'slip' and are a huge favorite even for men and their coarse facial hair, especially when used with a shaving brush. Women love them too- they're great for the bikini line.

They can last a long time when stored correctly (a draining soap dish out of the line of water). But the savings really add up when homemade.

4. Black Soap- an Alternative to Shaving Gel

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Shaving gels usually last longer than cream counterparts. But let’s face it, the can is often gone before you know it. I found Dr. Woods Pure Black Soap with Organic Shea Butter to be a great alternative because it’s a thick gel, lathers a bit and smells great. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for really coarse hair like in the bikini line or a man’s face.

You can get 32 oz. of it for around what you would pay for two cans of 7 oz. so-so chemical-laden drugstore shaving gel. It doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens and the ingredients list is rather impressive for the price. Black soap and saponified coconut oil create a natural lather, hemp and olive oils, glycerin and organic shea butter moisturize.

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5. Apple Cider Vinegar Aftershave

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Aftershave can really help skin in many ways by fighting bacteria and replace some of the moisture lost while shaving. I recommend it for women as well and especially if you normally battle with dry, itchy skin (See more: Itchy after Shaving?).

While I haven't personally tried it, the Frugal Living Site has a quick, easy recipe for making an aftershave splash with apple cider vinegar and water. Since you probably have those two in the house right now, it's worth a shot whipping up a small batch to see how you like it.

6. Ingrown Hair Home Remedies

salt, ingrown hair
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Ingrown hair or razor bumps are common from shaving. While there are many great products on the market to prevent and fight these ugly invaders, you may just need to open your kitchen cupboard. You'll save money and use all natural ingredients.

7. Etsy.com

More of us are turning to more natural products, finding that there’s less irritation and wanting less chemicals to be absorbed in our bodies. However, natural and organic products can be really pricey.

Browse through etsy.com and you’ll find all types of handmade products- including shaving gels, creams, pre shave oils and aftershave. Many of which are almost or completely natural, some being organic. The price tags aren’t usually as high store-bought products using similar ingredients because they have less overhead.

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