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How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp

Save Money on Shaving Supplies


If you could keep your razor blades sharp longer then you could save money by buying less refill cartridges and lessen your chances of getting razor burn with dulling blades. With these tips people get much more life out of this shaving tool, sometimes six months up to one year with one blade.

1. Don't Use Blade to Trim

Image Kamil Karpeil/IStock Photo

If you haven’t shaved in a while and you have a good amount of growth, don't use your razor at first. This eats up valuable cutting power and dulls the blade quickly. Instead trim with hair clippers using the shortest guard, Schick Quattro Trim Style or Venus Bikini Razor first to get rid of the length and then shave.

2. Keep It Clean, Silly

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This seems like something silly to say but how many of you use your razor then just rinse it off and put it away? A quick rinse after a shave doesn't completely remove corrosive culprits that lead to dulling like the shaving cream or gel. Shaving also takes dead skin cells that like to hang out and become friends with bacteria. The bacteria not only breaks down the blade, but razor burn and ingrown hair become more common.

After each use:
  • Rinse blade thoroughly on all sides and shake of excess water.
  • Clean with an alcohol wipe.
  • Dry it with a soft cloth, and for extra precaution give it a quick shot with the blow dryer.

3. The Razor Pit

Image Courtesy Razor Pit
This is an easy way to keep your razor blades clean to make them last longer. It's called The Razor Pit, and it's extremely simple and fast to use.

4. Keep Out of the Shower after Cleaning

Photo Dougal Waters / Getty Images
Water, humidity and air all cause rusting and dulling of the blade. I know we tend to get lazy and we just throw the razor in the shower for next time. In there it can easily get beat on by water that causes rust and corrosion. Even if it's out of the line of water, it needs to be kept away from the humidity of the shower which also shortens its life. To have the least air contact, after cleaning your razor in the steps above keep it in a closeable bag or container preferably in another room, or at least in the bathroon cabinet.

5. Oil Soaking Solution

Oil is not a friend with water so it acts as a barrier and keeps the blades from rusting. There are products out there such as The Revolt Shave Kit that actually have a mineral oil that comes with it so you can rinse, clean and soak your blade to store it. Also included in the kit is a solution that allows shaving without having to rinse the blade between strokes so there's minimal water contact.

I did try baby oil for a last ditch effort for a storage soak but it did not seem to work as well as the mineral oil. However, mineral oil does not work well for razors that have the moisturizing strip. The strip just gets wet and gooey.

6. Pre Shave Oil

A small amount of pre-shaving oil (compare prices) underneath shaving gel or cream keeps the razor from dragging. This has a two-fold effect by helping prevent razor burn and ingrown hair and there's less wear and tear on the blade.

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