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Quick Hair Removal

Spend less time getting smooth


Quick hair removal can give you those extra minutes when you need to run out the door and stubble is not part of your fashion plan. While some of these methods are faster than others, they all will get rid of the hair speedily.

Shaving Dry

Get the image out of your mind when you first think of dry shaving. I don't mean taking a manual razor blade straight to your skin. Ouch! You won't have to worry about beating up your skin if you use the right tools. A great shave can be yours, all without water.

Wax Strips

Pre-made wax strips saves you time from applying the product yourself and dipping in the wax pot- not to mention cleaning up the mess. Small areas like the toes, upper lip or chin can be done pretty fast. Considering that waxing can keep you hair-free for up to six weeks gives it extra bonus points.


It's up to you. Use tweezers and remove each hair yourself, or let an epilator do the work for you at lightning speed. Talk about quick hair removal, you can use some models right while you shower. Now say good-bye to that hair for at least a couple of weeks.


The only work involved it putting the product on and taking it off from anywhere to three to ten minutes. The time in-between is all yours. (Only, I can't recommend answering the door while wearing hair removal cream.)

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