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How to Shave


Specific advice and tips on how to shave each area, like the bikini zone, chest, back and legs. We also have help for special circumstances, like using the razor with acne and sensitive skin.

1. Women’s Intimate Shaving Guide

Young woman running on beach holding yellow sarong
Pete Atkinson / Photographer's Choice RF / Getty Images
Using the same products and techniques on your legs or underarms could result in disaster for your pubic hair area. We share how to protect the delicate skin down below when removing most or all the hair. And because of the thicker hair, there's more chance of side effects from using the razor. Learn our tips to preventing ingrown hair, irritation and razor bumps.

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2. Men’s Intimate Shaving Guide

how to shave men's pubic hair
Silvia Botatti / IStockPhoto
Get a close shave, avoid nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs following our how-to guide. Safety tips for removing hair on the genitals. Learn where to use the razor and where to use other shaving tools down below to get the results you're looking for without injuring yourself.

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3. How to Shave Your Bikini Line

how to shave bikini line
John Madden/ I Stock Photo
While it's not as invasive as shaving all of the hair, the skin is still sensitive here and prone to issues that other areas don't often struggle with. We help you get straight lines, avoid the bumps and feel confident in your swimsuit flaunting smooth skin.

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4. How to Guide: Shaving Legs

how to shave legs
SCGstudio / IStock Photo
While it seems like we’re always with razor in hand in the shower, find out how to prep skin and make the shave last even longer. Who doesn’t love silky, smooth legs?

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5. How to Shave Back Hair

mens hair removal, male hair removal, remove men's back hair
Medio Images - Photodisc / Getty Images

Your choice- use a d.i.y. tool or grab a helper. We direct you to the tools available so you don't have to enlist help for grooming and tips for the person who graciously assists in de-fuzzing your back.

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6. Shaving Chest Hair

Image Silvia Boratti / IStockPhoto

Want to show off those muscles? Getting rid of the hair surely does the job. We help you not eat away at your razor before you even make skin contact plus help you get a smooth, bump and nick free chest.

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7. Shave Pubic Hair Designs

George Doyle / Getty Images

If you want a little something different, shave in some designs. A heart? Arrow? You decide. A step-by-step helps you get your creation in place.

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8. Tips for Shaving with Acne

It can be a brutal experience trying to remove hair with acne. Learn how to protect skin, be as gentle as possible and reduce bacteria.

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9. Shaving with Sensitive Skin

The culprit behind making your skin scream may not be the same as it is for the next man or woman. We help you find the reason or reasons behind the irritation and what you can do to prevent it.

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10. Tips for a Great Shave (Video)

Love a good visual? How to prevent razor burn, ingrown hair and getting a smooth men's facial shave in this video.

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Tips for a Great Shave
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