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Razor Pit Teneo Review

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Razor Pit Teneo Review

Razor Pit Teneo

Image Courtesy Razor Pit

The Bottom Line

Razor Pit seems to be the future of shaving as it doesn't take up much room is simple to use and keeps blades sharp longer. It could easily become a pocket book's best friend.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with any razor
  • Keeps blades feeling sharp


  • Only available online in the USA at the time this was written
  • Manufacturer: Firtal Brands
  • Usage: Razor blade maintenance
  • Average Price: $29 at time of review
  • Options: Original or Teneo

Review: Razor Pit Teneo

I received this product and simply laughed. How was this contraption going to help my razor last longer?

What is It?

In layman's terms, it's a plastic thingy with a rubbery surface that looks a lot like an iPod Touch. To be more technical, it's called thermo-plastic elastomer, which is a sort of silicon with a very high level of friction and a high level of softness.

How it Sharpens

It seems that the creation came after they took apart a razor after using it for three weeks and found that the dullness was due to the razor blade actually being dirty. So they came up with this device to actually create friction to clean the blade. The stand helps keep the razor vertical to keep water away.

It's easy to use that it seems like it cannot possibly work. After each time shaving, you take your razor blade, add some shaving cream and rub it against the silicone in the opposite direction and rinse off.

How Did It Work?

Image Courtesy Razor Pit

This is a true story: I had a Mach III razor that had seen its last day but it did end up in the back of a drawer. It was the perfect opportunity to bust it out and really see what this little contraption could do. I had to have something to compare it to, so I used a brand new blade as well.

I used the new blade on one leg and of course, it was great. No nicks, scratches or razor burn. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. Then I moved on to the other leg.

I first used this dirty, old blade on one small section of the shin part of my right leg. That was a mistake! I felt the drag from the dull blade and immediately had some redness. This could've been because I was in the shower and the steam was making it look red, but I didn't see this with the other leg. I then sharpened it with the Razor Pit.

I placed the blade against my right leg and took a deep breath. I quickly shaved my right leg and to my surprise, I felt no drag. As a matter of fact, it felt like I was using the new blade!

Was It All in My Head?

Now, I didn't want to be unfair to the guys. So I did what most men would think was torture. I asked my husband to shave with the blade I had just used. I quickly sharpened it once again and handed it over without him knowing.

My husband came out of the bathroom saying he has used Mach blades before and he really likes them. I asked him how his shave was and he said it was fine. He did give me a sideways look because he wanted to know what I was up to.

I did tell him and he couldn't believe it. He had to try it for himself, a few days later he did and was amazed! It has been almost a month and we are still using that same razor.

Other Cleaning Methods

Image Courtesy Razor Pit

I've tried cleaning and soaking solutions such as Revolt Shave Lubricating Liquid and I am adamant that this is the way to go. I would say it's cheaper and easier to use the Razor Pit.

Original Vs. Teneo

The two Razor Pits are extremely similar, however the Teneo is said to have closer contact with the blades and a softer surface. The Original (available in pink or black) stores the razor but the Teneo (available in black or white) has a stand to hold razor vertical and a place to store four blades.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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