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Bic Soleil Citron Pivot Razor

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The Bottom Line

This Bic razor is not for anyone who does not like the rough stuff! Spend a little more if you have to use a razor.


  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and non slip grip


  • A rough and painful shave


  • Manufacturer: Bic
  • Usage: Women’s disposable razor
  • Options: Original, citron or twilight
  • Average price: $6.99

Guide Review - Bic Soleil Citron Pivot Razor

Although I am a true believer of waxing for the body, I also know that there is a definite necessity for a good (and I stress good) razor. The feeling of those just shaved and moisturized legs is oh so good. The wonderful feeling of someone caressing your soft, freshly shaved legs leaves you wanting more. Because of this, you do not mind having to shave every single day. I understand, and I’m with you.

The Bic Soleil Citron Razor with the pivot head looks beautiful. With its array of citrus inspired colors, it calls for attention. The aromatic smell coming from the comfy handle tickles the nose with a clean, fresh scent. The beauty of the triple blades shines in the light. Two strips of moisturizing goodness at your fingertips. I am telling you, the time put into the look of this product shows.

But like your Mama said, looks are not everything. I want comfort. Both comfort of the handle and comfort of the shave. This razor does provide a comfortable grip while shaving but the actual hair removal leaves much to be desired.

Prepare yourself. This was a rough and rugged shave. The triple blades felt like sandpaper against my legs. Ouch! I felt no moisturizing strip. This is definitely not for sensitive skin. I even changed the way I was holding the handle. Didn’t work.

The triple blades felt like trying to shave with a piece of wood. What was the aromatic handle for? I think it was to distract you from the most painful shave ever! Okay, so the head pivots. I made it pivot itself right off my skin. This is not a good buy for the money. Although it is less expensive than many other razors, it is not worth the pain.
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