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Save A Blade Automatic Razor Sharpener

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User Rating 4 Star Rating (4 Reviews)


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The Bottom Line

Skip this razor blade sharpener and just buy new blades.
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  • A place to store your batteries


  • Not compatible with all razor blades
  • Doesn’t sharpen the blades that are already dull


  • Manufacturer: Save a Blade
  • Usage: Automatic razor sharpener
  • Average cost: $19.99

Guide Review - Save A Blade Automatic Razor Sharpener

"The ingenious razor sharpener that will give you up to two hundred shaves from a single blade," the infomercial claims. "Just slide the razor inside, press the button and in seconds the blade is like new again.”

This product gets one star for the fact that it could have been a good idea. It gets zero for actually working though.

This did not work any of the eighteen times I tried using it. After using a new razor you are supposed to place the blade in the Save a Blade and press a button. The internal file is supposed to sharpen the blade after each use. It actually made a new blade dull. I found that it gauged and pitted the razor blade and made for a horrible shave.

I bought nine different razors thinking that was the problem. Much to my chagrin, I wasted a whole lot of money trying to give this razor blade sharpener the benefit of the doubt. Bottom line emphasized, pay the few cents a day on a new razor blade and get a pain free shave.

Suggestions for women's razors:
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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
save a blade, Member bobgyates

I purchased one 5 years ago,, and use it every 2weeks,, the battery is holding up,, i use it for 3 seconds,, Gillette was nice enough to send Pro glide,, its the latest, and i have been shaving with it for 6 months, using the save a blade. I have a tough beard,, have to shave every day,, but i get a smooth shave each time...

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