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My Bikini Stencils

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"S" or Heart Shape

Image Courtesy of NovaPlus

The Bottom Line

As much as I like gadgets for shaping pubic hair, I say save your money and use a bit of your own artistic abilities instead.


  • Great Bachelorette or bridal party gifts
  • Good for those who do not have a steady hand to make shapes


  • They leave a very wide area of hair
  • Steady hand could probably do a better job


  • Manufacturer: Nova Plus
  • Usage: Hard plastic stencil for shaping pubic hair
  • Average Price: UNKNOWN
  • Options: I, Y, V, and S (which is a heart) shapes

Guide Review - My Bikini Stencils

There may be a few of you out there who are afraid that you may not have a steady hand for shaping pubic hair. If this is you, you might want to try these stencils by My Bikini. They are not your typical stencil, made of clear thin acetate, but hard plastic ones. They're pretty simple in the sense that they are typical shapes such as an I, Y, V and a heart. Just place them on your skin, push on the handle and shave around.

Here's the problem. These may be great sized stencils in Slovenia, where the company is located. They may not appeal to those of us in the U.S. because they are rather large. When you shave around the stencil, a large area of hair is left. Since I have been doing bikini waxes for a while, I know the strips and shapes are getting smaller. These stencils leave too much hair. Now, some of you may like that, so then it would make this product good for you.

The other problem I had was that having to hold a plastic stencil was more cumbersome than simply slowing down and watching what I was doing. I had a hard time getting the heart to look like a heart. It ended up looking more like a large circle. With a little imagination and patience, you can do the exact same thing that these stencils can do.
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Pubic hair stencils, Member MariaBewith

Hi, good to see your review. It is really nice and fun product which is actually also usable. I got this products from a friend in Europe few months ago. I have more or less good things to say about it: usable, nice color, good design & a bit fashionable. Indeed if you wanna use it as a gift I can hardly find better suggestion for a girls party. And last but not least- funny. :) But it works. Pricing could be better (as always) but I will rather leave this aside while you do not buy (or even better: get!) such products every day. Bye Maria

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