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Venus Bikini Razor Kit

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The Bottom Line

The Venus Bikini Razor Kit is simple to use and well worth the pocket change. I honestly couldn’t find anything negative about it.
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  • All-in-one kit for bikini hair removal
  • Trimmer doesn't need batteries


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  • Manufacturer: Gillette
  • Usage: Bikini hair removal kit
  • Average Price: $9.99
  • Kit includes: Bikini trimmer, Venus Embrace razor and Olay bikini lotion
  • Options: Trimmer can also be purchased separately

Guide Review - Venus Bikini Razor Kit

The Venus Bikini Razor Kit includes three products. It contains the Venus Embrace razor, a trimmer and Olay bikini lotion. We'll tackle them one by one.

Let's Start with the Razor

The Venus Embrace razor keeps true to the Gillette name and offers a close shave every time. It is well made and easy to handle. The razor has 5 blades for a very close shave. The razor also offers a moisturizing strip to help with the gliding of the razor.

I Love the Trimmer

The trimmer is awesome. It is a single blade razor with a protective comb that does not come off. The trimmer is very, very easy to use. Other bikini trimmers I have tried seem to work well, but most take batteries and some skill. The Venus trimmer does not use batteries and it's also very easy to get an even trim. Simple and works every time! I did not have any hair pulling and I have used it for 20 consecutive trims and it's still sharp.

Now the Lotion

The Olay bikini lotion comes in this Venus Bikini Razor Kit. The lotion is moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling clean. It seemed to hydrate very well. I didn't get any ingrown hair and razor burn was has not been a word in my vocabulary since I began using this kit.
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