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How to Prevent and Treat Side Effects of Waxing

I would be lying if I said there weren't any side effects of waxing. By learning how to avoid these problems, you can get better results.

Prevent and Rid Red Waxing Bumps
Waxing bumps do happen, and often look like a razor burn or just red, irritated skin. The good news is there are steps you can take to lessen red bumps after waxing or avoid them altogether.

Side Effects of Waxing
Knowing about the possible side effects of waxing keep you educated between what is and isn't normal and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Ingrown Hair After Waxing
Ingrown hair after waxing doesn't have to happen, you can prevent or get rid of them. We show you how to stop the bumps.

How to Avoid and Treat Pimples After Waxing
Pimples after waxing are a common side effect, whether it prompts tiny little bumps and whiteheads or rather large ones. We have some steps to help you minimize your post-wax breakouts, so you don’t have to choose between seeing hair and having clear skin.

How Can I Calm Sensitive Skin After Waxing?
How to prevent and treat redness and swelling after waxing. Great tips for those even with very sensitive skin.

What Can I Do About Dark Skin After Waxing?
The actual hair removal process doesn't cause dark skin after waxing. But waxing exfoliates the top layers of skin, leaving skin more vulnerable to the sun and tanning beds. Find out how to avoid this problem.

How to Avoid Bruising After Waxing
While bruising after waxing most commonly happens when taking out coarse hair, like in the bikini area. There are some steps you can take to avoid turning black and blue.

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