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Parissa Hair Sugaring 2 in 1 Roll-On

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The Bottom Line

I liked the ease of this Parissa hair sugaring roll-on, but it was hard to get a clean application. I would skip this and spend your money elsewhere.
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  • Very washable
  • Kit comes with reusable strips


  • Sugar tends to come out of roller in places it should not


  • Manufacturer: Parissa Labs
  • Usage: Sugaring hair removal for face and body
  • Kit includes: 140 ml sugaring gel, two different size applicators (large for body, small for face) and 20 washable strips.
  • Average Cost: $20

Guide Review - Parissa Hair Sugaring 2 in 1 Roll-On

I ‘m a huge fan of waxing, and an even bigger fan of sugaring. I was excited to see the Parissa 2 in 1 roll-on body sugar system. The product comes in this very cool and sleek ball like container. It has two applicators that screw on the top. One is for large areas and one is for the smaller and more delicate areas.

The container fit well in my hand and was very easy to use. I placed the open container in the microwave and heated the “sugar”. When it was heated, I screwed on the large applicator tip and prepared my client for the new product. You see, I take clients who are willing to assist me with testing new products and do their service for free. It’s a win-win, most of the time. I tend to use clients who I have worked with for a long time so they know that I am more than capable of hair removal. (Thank goodness!)

I began to roll on the product, which only needed a paper thin layer, and WOOSH! A huge glob of product came oozing out of the applicator tip. Now, if you have done this with regular wax, you panic. Not with this product, it washed off as easily as whipped cream off a spoon as a real sugaring product does. Simple and painless for the client, a slight bruise to the ego. I tried again and again, but 6 out of 10 times, I just got globs.

The hair did come out but I felt that too much product was wasted. The strips are washable which is always nice and the residue is slim to none. This is a decent product when correctly used. The applicator seems to create more of a mess and a problem than the product is worth. I’d skip this one until Parissa comes up with a new applicator. Try the Parissa chamomile body sugar that comes in a pot for easier application.
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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Parissa roll on not so great, Member stephouillous

I usually use the veet already prepared wax band, I have never been disapointted and find them really practical. for once I decided to change and try the fancy 2in1 roll, this seems great on the paper but using it is not so great. First it does not roll properly and tear apart your skin, especially on the bikini hair, in one zone I had to do it several time (sometimes even try to roll the wax on the band and not on the skin because it would not apply the wax properly and it was too hurfull directly on the skin) where with the band veet I heat them a bit in my hand, apply and in one time nearly all the hair have been removed. I had to use my BF on the underarm when the aim is to do it on your own. so basically I have spent 14.99 (in boots) for no results, although parissa's other products seem good, I would not recommend this one.

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