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Is it really sweeter? Learn about this ancient hair removal practice, including how to locate a sugaring specialist and even whip up your own sugaring paste at home.
  1. Sugaring Reviews (6)

Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring
Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring shares her journey with us. How her first facial at 42 brought her to teaching other professionals and having her very own company.

Sugaring Spas and Salons
Do you have a sugar spa or salon that specializes in sugaring? Are you looking for a professional in your area? Find and list these salons and spas.

Sensitive Skin Hair Removal
What method to avoid and which ones to choose, including how to minimize side effects or options for sensitive skin.

Do You Have Any Homemade Hair Removal Recipes?
Our homemade hair removal recipe costs you under $2, is all natural and uses ingredients you probably already have at home.

How To Use Sugar Gel for Hair Removal
Body and facial sugaring is easy with our easy step-by-step using our guide.

How To Sugar
We show you how to sugar at home using the traditional method with an all-natural paste. No strips or applicators needed!

Sugar Hair Removers
Sugar hair removers, whether in the paste or gel form, are becoming a very popular choice over waxing because they’re gentler to the skin and made of natural ingredients. Learn how to make your own sugar paste at home, read our reviews of products on the market and our experience going to the pro

Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe
Our sugaring hair removal recipe costs only dollars to make with all natural ingredients. Sugaring is gentler to the skin and less painful than waxing.

Sugar Wax Vs Sugar Paste
There's a lot of confusion on sugaring. Sugar wax could mean a sugaring gel or simply a wax mixed with some sugar (not really sugaring.) Sugaring paste is the real, ancient hair removal method. Learn about the differences using these two different products.

Waxing Vs Sugaring
Waxing versus sugaring, arent they the same? Discover why even the people that cringe at the thought of the tiniest bit of discomfort are saying, Pour some sugar on me.

See a Body Sugaring
How a professional body sugaring is performed at the spa.

Sugaring 101
Learn how sugaring works, pros, cons & prices. Will sugaring be a sweet hair removal method for you?

Clean or Dirty? Signs to Look For at the Salon or Spa
How does your salon measure up? The signs to let you know if you should you stay or run the other way.

Body Sugaring Hair Removal: Expert Interview
Jenn Webdale is a body sugaring hair removal expert at and trained using Alexandria sugaring products. She fills us in on switching from wax to sugar, mastering the technique and why her clients love sugaring.

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