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Alexandria Sugaring

How it Worked for Me


The Alexandria Sugaring company has been a huge influence in introducing salons and spas to sugaring paste, a gentler hair removal option over waxing. More than just selling, licensed professionals must take a training class and pass a test before they get certified using their technique and products.

While I’ve tried sugaring gel (used similar to waxing), but not sugaring paste. So I found Allure Derma Spa (now Organique Derma Spa and Salon) in Westlake, Ohio that has a technician, Marijana, trained in using Alexandria products and made an appointment for my underarms.

Alexandria Sugaring: My Hair Ridding Experience

The Prep. Going into her facial room, I slipped into a spa wrap so underarms would be fully exposed. Marijana showed me a glimpse of one of her super smooth underarms that were still hairless from sugaring two weeks prior. Looks good to me, I thought. She turned on her facial light, cleansed my underarm skin and applied a bit of powder.

The Process. Wearing gloves she pulled some sugaring paste out of a jar from a warmer, to my surprise the paste was very white, instead of a caramel color like I had expected. Marijana put on the paste and artfully spread it, working in sections of hair growing in the same direction.

With wax you can feel some warmth on the skin, but the sugaring paste felt room temperature. Taking the paste in fast flicking motions the hair was getting removed. Waxing in general is much easier to learn, as Marijana said that it took her some time to get the correct sugaring technique down. (See a body sugaring).

Wow, was it fast! There's no need to keep going back into a warmer and get more product, or apply strips like with waxing. You can use the section of sugar paste a couple times, so both of my underarms were done in about 15 minutes.

The Pain. What about the pain? It was much less uncomfortable than waxing because the hair got pulled out in the direction of the hair growth (it’s the opposite with waxing) so less strain was being put on my skin. A little spotting of blood was there, or lifting as it’s often called, is normal when thicker hair is removed.

The Results. The day of the Alexandria sugaring my underarms were a little pink. By the next day, no pink, not even a little, only smooth hairless underarms. Quite a different story, when I had my underarms waxed and they were pink for a couple days and then large bumps appeared.

Taking the hair in the direction of hair growth with sugaring does more than just help with pain. The entire hair follicle is more likely to be removed than break above or below the surface, which commonly happens in waxing. In a nutshell, this translates to longer lasting results!

My underarm hair was gone much longer this time versus my waxing. Although I only tried it once, waxing lasted about a week. They were not only smooth from the sugaring, I couldn’t feel the hair or see that pesky dark shadow for a full two weeks.
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