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How to Sugar Hair using Paste


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Removing all Hair and Finishing
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If all of the sugar doesn't come off, just put the sugar that's already in your hand with the part that is left and remove in the same fast, flicking motion.

Continuing the Process

Keep working in sections on the area that you're removing hair. One section of paste can be made into a ball again and re-applied a couple times and then needs to be thrown away. If you miss some hair, you can apply it over the same area skin more than once (unlike waxing) but I wouldn't recommend it more than a couple times.

Where to Sugar

This paste is great for sugaring the body like on your legs, arms, bikini zone- virtually anywhere. It's also wonderful to use on your face, but I would be extremely careful on your eyebrows. I wouldn't try eyebrow shaping with the paste until you really get this technique down. Otherwise, you could be left with a really bad shape from taking hairs you weren't intending.


Once you're all done, just rinse area with soap and water. That's a big plus with sugaring, it's water soluble (also unlike waxing).

To calm skin and lessen redness and irritation apply GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel (buy direct). Because hands can carry a lot of bacteria, try to avoid touching sugared area the first 24 hours to lessen the amount of irritation and potential pimples.

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