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Sugar Hair Removers


Sugar hair removers, whether in the paste or gel form, are becoming a very popular choice over waxing because they’re gentler to the skin and made of natural ingredients. Learn how to make your own sugar paste at home, read our reviews of products on the market and our experience going to the pros.

1. Sugaring recipe

Tea spoon of sugar
Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
Talk about hair removal on the cheap. For under $2 you can create your very own sugaring paste with products you already have at home: sugar, lemon juice and water. Get the easy step-by-step made will all natural ingredients.

2. Madhu Mini

sugar hair removers
© Shobha Inc
This kit comes with the same professional products used at Shobha salons, hair removal experts with three locations in New York City. An all natural microwaveable sugaring gel is teamed up with all you need for home, including the most adorable reusable denim strips that make removing hair less painful.

3. Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar

Photo Courtesy Parissa Labs
Their microwaveable gel is made of the same basic natural ingredients of other sugaring recipes, but also infused with chamomile to calm skin. Applicators, regular washable strips and a small ampule of azulene oil (to soothe skin after hair removal) give you the basics for hair removal at home. Affordably priced makes it easy to give this kit a shot (read review).
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4. Alexandria Professional Sugaring

Would you rather go to the pros? Alexandria is a company that specializes in sugaring hair removal, and licensed professionals must take a training class and pass a test before they get certified using their technique and products. Read my experience getting my underarms sugared, and how it compares to waxing.

5. Moom Mini Organic Hair Remover

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
Conveniently used at room temperature, so there's no heating involved. Try this mini kit to see if you like Moom, before splurging on a larger version. There’s enough product for a couple “sweet” hair removal sessions on the lip or eyebrows (read review).
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6. Parissa 2 in 1 Roll On

Image Courtesy Parissa Labs
This sugar hair remover is natural and microwaveable, but the way you put it on your skin is unique. Using an interesting looking roller-ball, this kit comes with two different size applicators (large for body, small for face) instead of using wooden sticks. Does it make the process at home easier? Read review.
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