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Is Facial Hair Threading Fast?


Is Facial Hair Threading Fast?
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Question: Is Facial Hair Threading Fast?
I used to get waxing at a salon for my facial hair, but I’ve turned to tweezing because the wax was really irritating my skin. My skin doesn't get red or irritated, but now it takes forever removing hair one by one. Should I try threading, or will that take just as long?
Answer: Facial hair threading, a technique using a string to remove hair passed down through generations in eastern countries is becoming extremely popular here for many reasons, like being chemical-free and gentle to the skin. Also like tweezing it removes the entire hair follicle from the root, getting hair free results for weeks. Although you would think using a string sounds like a long process, it's very fast.

Facial Hair Threading- How Does it Work So Fast?

The process uses a cotton string in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso that pulls up each hair right out of the follicle as it passes along the skin. An artful technique, that's amazing to watch. It's faster than waxing because it doesn't require much prepping of the skin, applying product or strips. The speed can't even compare to the monotonous chore of tweezing, who has time for that? While everyone technician is different, the girl who has done my facial hair threading gets my eyebrows done in two minutes flat.

You'll have to find someone experienced in facial hair threading, it's not something offered at most salons and spas. Once you experience the speed, you might just toss your tweezers away.

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