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Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit

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karmissie threader, threading at home
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The Bottom Line

With the Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit I learned that even the best ideas are designed to be talked about and not produced. I would love to say that you can now save some money and forget about the salon. But I would only check it out if a contortionist is a part of your resume.


  • A good conversation starter
  • Feel Less Lotion is great


  • It doesn't do what it says
  • Difficult to use
  • Not worth the money


  • Manufacturer: Karmissie, LLC
  • Usage: Threading hair removal at home
  • Average price: $125
  • Kit includes: Threader, chalk, Feel Less Lotion, The Closer Lotion, 48 replacement threads, and instructional DVD

Guide Review - Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit

I love writing a review that is about a product that I like. I always try to look at the good and bad in each product and love to present it in a way that you will see both sides. Unfortunately, I really don't have many positive things to say.

I received the Karmissie Deluxe Threader Kit in the mail and was intrigued because I had seen a few commercials for it on late night television. What a strange contraption it was. When the package appeared at my front door, I was ecstatic!

I opened it up very slowly. I pictured opening the chocolate that contained the golden ticket. I thought I have received the answer to saving me my trip to the salon for threading, thus saving gas and money! Who wouldn't like that?

Easy to Get Started

I followed the directions for putting the threading tool together was simple and to the point. A few twists and clicks and it was done. I ran to the bathroom and cleansed my face like I was covered in toxic liquid.

Now the Fun Part

I applied the "chalk" and I stood in front of the mirror doing exactly what the directions said to do. Nothing! So I went back and watched the video that came with the tool. I obviously was doing something wrong because it did not work. I tried again and… nothing. I sounded like Yosemite Sam walking out of the bathroom. I put it down and was going to try again later.

Giving It My Best Shot

I tried this thing so many times I thought it was becoming an extension of my arm. I could never get the thing to work properly. I even tried it on other people and on my arm. I would get one or two hairs, and that was it. Removing the hair didn't hurt, but the awkward way I had to hold the apparatus made my arms tired. I think the trip to salon is going to be worth your headache and trouble.

On the Bright Side

The good thing was that I received the Feel less Lotion and that was amazing. It didn't have much of a scent and it felt great. It was lightweight and actually was a great primer for my make up. I definitely would buy that again.
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 1 out of 5
ack!!, Member toffiefrank1

Isn't there a process by which products placed on the market are approved, after verifying that they do what they claim?? I thought I was getting an easy one-step solution to hair removal, but MAN, good thing I returned this machine. It's truly terrible, and the cream smells gross. The idea is great, execution not so much. Avoid avoid avoid.

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