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Lindo Hair Remover

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Lindo Hair Remover Reviews, Threading at Home, Lindo Reviews

Lindo Hair Remover

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The Bottom Line

Lindo hair remover is advertised as a twist-n-roll tweezer, and a tool similar to threading hair removal (the ancient eastern method using a string) you can do at home. I found it better than a tweezer because it takes away hair thicker than peach fuzz all at once, but doesn’t compare to the real threading technique.


  • Takes out many hairs at once
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Chemical-free


  • Doesn't grab onto fine hairs
  • Can’t compare to the real threading technique


  • Manufacturer - Grace Harvest & Assoc.
  • Average cost - $12.99
  • Usage- Tweezer like hair remover using coils to remove facial hair, excluding eyebrows

Guide Review - Lindo Hair Remover

The Lindo hair remover works by using a line of coils that you bend in an upside "U" shape and place it against your face. As you twist the handles outward, it grabs and pulls hair out.

Using tweezers on your face is a big pain because you have to remove hairs one by one, and it takes forever. So I liked that the tool gets out a lot of hairs at once on areas like the chin, cheeks and lip. The difference with tweezers is that you can use them on your eyebrows, but not with the Lindo because it's too big to have control of where you want to remove and keep hair.

I'm a huge fan of threading because it's fast, can get both really fine and short hairs, plus it's chemical free too. But the Lindo missed the mark on grasping the fine hairs, only taking ones thicker than peach fuzz. It's a bit more difficult to use the tool and get the hairs where the face curves like on the chin, but works better on a flat surface.

I wouldn't recommend it as a home option if you're used to the real threading. But would say to try it if you're mostly concerned about the thicker than peach fuzz hairs, and tired of using tweezers on your chin, cheeks or upper lip.
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