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Epilady Speed

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epilady speed, epilady hair removers
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The Bottom Line

Hair removal has never been so fast and easy with the Epilady Speed. If you can tolerate a little uncomfortable pain, this is for you.


  • Fast hair removal (31,000 tweezes per minute on the high speed)
  • Perfect angle guide to make hair removal less painful
  • Three to six weeks of smooth skin
  • Speeds of high and low to choose from


  • A little painful


  • Manufacturer: Epilady
  • Usage: Epilator
  • Average Price: $39.95

Guide Review - Epilady Speed

Epilady has come out with its fastest hair remover yet, the Speed. It's a smaller corded device that puts easy hair removal in the palm of your hand. The high-speed tweezers wick the shortest and finest hair right out of your legs, arms, bikini area and face (except eyebrows).

This model allows you to choose between two speeds, the slower speed is designed for more delicate areas and the faster for larger less sensitive areas. You definitely can't go wrong with the perfect angle guide. It allows you to get the feel for the, well, the perfect angle that will ease the pain of removing hair.

I used the slower speed to get the super fine hair from the cheek portion of my face. I did one side and didn't realize the hair I couldn't see was not there from looking at the cheek I didn't epilate. I got it all. I noticed it took about five weeks before all the hair returned and it only felt like a few pinches.

The high speed worked great for my arms. It was a little more painful but it went away after I got used to the feeling. The more I used it the less it hurt. It was quick and I remained hair free for about three weeks. I could endure the uncomfortable feeling again for a few minutes for the trade off of smooth, hair free skin.

All in all the speed was a good product that is lightweight and easy to use. The price was right and worth trying. This is a promising little device that I think you too will be happy with.

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