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Wax at Home Do it Yourself Instructions

Wax at home and save money on the high professional costs If you don't mind getting a little sticky and have a little patience, you can learn the steps you can wax at home.

Waxing Facial Hair
Waxing facial hair is a much better choice over shaving because it can last weeks at a time. No doubt, the facial zone is one of the most annoying places in unwanted hair for women, so longer it stays away, the better. Here are just the tips, advice and home instructions you need for professional results.

Make Waxing Hair Last Longer
Waxing hair can last weeks at a time with the right application. We let you in on a little secret that makes you hair-free longer.

Guide: Upper Lip Waxing
While upper lip waxing might sound easy enough to do at home, we give you the additional steps you need to get the best results. Like how to avoid needless pain, rid the most hair and help you avoid seeing red.

How To Wax Chin Hair
You can wax chin hair at home and be hair-free for weeks at a time. Get the step by step for great results.

How to Wax Chest Hair at Home
Instructions for getting a smooth chest and having it last for weeks at a time.

Guide: Facial Hair Waxing
Facial hair waxing can easily be performed at home with our easy to follow step by step to get longer lasting results, fight off redness and use the right products.

Top Tips To Save Money Waxing at Home
Waxing at home can save a lot of money, but you don't need every product suggested by the manufacturer. Use items and ingredients you already have to wax at home to save even more.

How to Guide: Waxing Eyebrows
Waxing eyebrows is very popular in designing brows because it's fairly quick and can last weeks, but salon and spa prices can really add up. So if you're looking to save some money, we'll walk you through the steps of waxing your brows right at home.

Leg Wax at Home Just Like the Pros
Do you like the results of waxing, but not the expense? We'll show you how to leg wax just like the pros. Don't expect a leg wax to be as easy as it looks, but with a little time and effort you can get smooth legs without the high professional price tag.

Waxing Bikini Area
We have the do-it-yourself instructions on waxing your bikini area. Step by step we'll show you how to use hard wax which works great for ridding bikini hair.

How To Wax Belly Hair
Is belly hair embarrassing you at all the wrong times? Safely wax it away and you'll have a smooth stomach for weeks. It's always best to seek out a professional, but if you're willing to give it try, here is the way to get rid of that unsightly hair for yourself.

Wax Strips
You should never use wax strips in a rush, or you could break hair above or below the skin’s surface and be asking for ingrown hair. But because the wax is already attached, it makes for a much quicker hair removal process than keep going back for product from a pot. You can get hair-free without hardly any mess! With that said, they don’t all perform the same. Parissa makes wax strips that …

At Home Waxing
At home waxing tips, directions and video.

When I Wax the Hair Doesnt Come Off?
When I wax the hair doesn't come off? We help you find the problem and fix it. Tips for all types of wax.

How To Remove Hair Wax
How to remove hair wax from skin, reasons why it could be sticking. Also, tips for less mess and cleaning up wax from the floors, counters and clothes.

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