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Wax Strips

Quicker than using a wax pot


You should never use wax strips in a rush, or you could break hair above or below the skin’s surface and be asking for ingrown hair. But because the wax is already attached, it makes for a much quicker hair removal process than keep going back for product from a pot. You can get hair-free without hardly any mess!

With that said, they don’t all perform the same. Parissa makes wax strips that remove the hair without extreme rubbing and warming them up with your hands.

Sensitive areas: underarm, bikini and face

parissa wax strips, waxing hair removal
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For the most delicate areas Parissa's wax strips work to remove the hair. The Sensitive Formula (compare prices) with assorted strip sizes in cream wax is great for delicate skin like the underarm, bikini and face.

But my assistant Nicole found that the Face and Bikini Wax Strips (compare prices) made with honey wax seemed to remove the hair a little better for her.

Legs & body

men's wax strips, Parissa wax strips
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

Simply peel Parissa's Body Wax Strips apart and use, no heating and no waiting. There's no mess to clean up and you can use the same strip several times. My assistant Nicole was able to get four to five sets of hair removal on legs out of each box.

The Wax Strips for Legs & Body (compare prices) are made with a honey wax and the Men's Full Body Wax Strips (compare prices) have tea tree in the formula. They both worked great for my assistant Nicole, but your hands must be kept dry or it becomes harder to remove them.


parissa eyebrow wax strips
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
It can be a bit tricky waxing your brows with pre-made strips and not take away hair you don't want to. Parissa Mini Wax Strips for Eyebrow Design (read review) make the job less stressful. They have the wax backed on a clear strip, so it's easy to see where you're applying it.
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