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Waxing Facial Hair


Waxing facial hair is a much better choice over shaving because it can last weeks at a time. No doubt, the facial zone is one of the most annoying places in unwanted hair for women, so longer it stays away, the better. Here are just the tips, advice and home instructions you need for professional results.

1. How to Wax Facial Hair

Close up of smiling woman
Philippe Bigard / OJO Images / Getty Images
We can’t hide our faces under clothes, and it’s what people look at when they talk to you. We walk you through the steps of ridding your hair for weeks a time right at home.

2. How to Wax Upper Lip

There’s nothing worse than checking your reflection in the car rear-view mirror only to find a bit of a ‘mustache’ staring back at you. We’ll show you how to take the pain factor down a notch, work in sections and avoid unnecessary redness.

3. How to Wax Eyebrows

Quavondo Nguyen / IStock Photo
A bit trickier because you need to take and leave just the right amount of hairs. But with a little practice and our step-by-step as your guide, you’ll save lots over seeing the pros.

4. Use Cream Wax

Photo Courtesy Pricegrabber
Although honey is the most common type of wax available, cream wax is much better for delicate skin like on the face and is loaded with moisturizers. Not only is the pain factor taken down a notch, but you’ll also end up less red.
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5. Save on Waxing Supplies

Photo Raffi Alexander / IStock Photo
Sure waxing at home saves a lot over professional prices. Stretch your dollar further by using items you probably already at home to wax instead of of buying more at the beauty supply store.

6. Make Waxing Facial Hair Last Longer

The way wax is commonly applied often leaves missed hairs and breakage. Use this simple application tip that takes more hair and leaves you with longer-lasting results.
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