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Top Tips To Save Money Waxing at Home


Top Tips To Save Money Waxing at Home
Mats Persson/E+/Getty Images
Waxing at home can save a lot of money, as you probably already know getting a professional wax at a salon or spa can really add up especially when you tack on tip to the price of the service, and any tax your state might add. You may not need to buy each and every waxing product that the manufacturer says is required, but be able to use some items and ingredients you already have at home, to save even more.

Waxing At Home. Instead of Using the Wax Manufacturer's...

  • Waxing powder try: Corn starch, baby powder or talc.

  • Pre-waxing lotion try: Warm water and a gentle exfoliator on the body, or mild cleanser for the face to rid oil and make-up. Just make sure to pat skin dry.

  • After-wax lotion try: An aloe-based gel for the body and for the eye area place brewed, cooled tea bags or sliced cucumbers on for a few minutes.

  • Wax remover try: Baby oil or petroleum jelly to rid leftover wax on the skin. Be sure to then clean with water, you don't want this residue left on the skin.

  • Wooden wax applicators try: Craft or Popsicle sticks used whole for the body or broken in half lengthwise for the eyebrows or face.

  • Pre-cut waxing strips try: Muslin or non-woven pellon from a fabric store and cut it yourself.
If you have a favorite waxing manufacturer's product for waxing at home, by all means use it. Sometimes it's worth the extra cost.
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