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BareEase & Cream Prep Kit

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bareease, numbing cream for waxing
© 2011 Miss Smarty Pants Enterprises, Inc

The Bottom Line

I love how the BareEase cream eases waxing pain and that the kit comes with latex panties. The only downfall I saw was that they are a single use item and at $24.95 a pop, it does hurt the pocketbook.
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  • Really works for numbing skin
  • Doesn't interfere with waxing
  • Sizes are relative since latex stretches
  • Helps with the after waxing pain and soreness


  • Expensive
  • Only one time use
  • Small amount of pain reliever in the tube


  • Manufacturer: Miss Smarty Pants Enterprises, Inc
  • Usage: Numbing cream and panties for waxing
  • Average price: $24.99
  • Kit includes: 1 tube of lidocaine pain relieving cream, 1 pair of latex panties, and directions
  • Options: Sizes s/m or m/l

Guide Review - BareEase & Cream Prep Kit

This is such a simple idea that should have been here much sooner. The BareEase and Cream Prep Kit is here now thanks to an anesthesiologist for ouchless bikini hair removal. The kit contains a pair of cute pink latex panties/thong, a tube of pain relieving cream that contains lidocaine and a direction pamphlet.

How the BareEase Kit Works

The process is simple. Apply the cream. Pull on the panties/thong and wait. 30-45 minutes later you will be ready for a bikini wax that is far less painful than usual. After you arrive for your waxing, remove the panties, wipe off the cream and you are good to go. The exciting part as an Esthetician is the cream doesn't affect the waxing process!

Does It Help the Pain?

I haven't been waxed in some time and I chose to try this product close to the worst time of the month, if you know what I mean. I applied the cream in a thin layer that still appeared white and pulled on the panties. Incredibly, they were not annoying and I forgot I had them on.

I jumped in my car and headed to a spa in the happiest place on earth in Anaheim, CA. A Brazilian treatment I went for and a Brazilian I got, but this time without the pain. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 2, maybe a 3 at times. Amazing!

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