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How to Save on a Professional Wax


A professional wax isn’t exactly cheap. I get shocked myself seeing what salons and spas charge across the country. Along with the base price, you're then also paying gratuity as well as any tax your State might add.

You don't necessarily need to hand over a small fortune. There are many ways you can save so you don't have to forgo the service or turn to shaving at home.

1. Buy in packages

A great option if you absolutely love the salon or spa and the technicians. Some offer a discount if you pay upfront for a number of waxing visits and will advertise the price under packages or series in their menu. Even if it’s not advertised, don’t be afraid to ask what the price would be if you bought a package of eyebrow, leg or bikini waxes. They benefit by having a loyal client and you save money.

2. Ask for a discount on multiple waxing services

If you're going on vacation or getting married and will be needing a lot of areas waxed, then ask if they offer discounts for receiving multiple services on the same day. Many salons and spas have these types of discounts in place, but only if you ask.

3. Try a neighborhood salon, rather than a spa

Spas often charge much more for their services. You won’t get the same atmosphere and forgo some frills, along with the possibility of getting your brows shaped at the shampoo bowl rather than a private room. Then again, you will rack up savings of up to half the price, getting the same service.

4. Refer friends and family where you go

Many salons and spas have programs that reward for you for referring friends and family to them. The incentive might be a free service for every five people you refer or a five dollar gift card for each new person you send in. Just ask the salon or spa if they have any programs and then tell others to start saving.

5. Stay in touch

If you've found a place you like, subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. This way you'll be alerted of any of their discounts or specials right when they're released.

6. Visit the students

They’re learning, but services are always supervised by the instructor at a cosmetology or esthetics school. While they might not be as fast as you’re used to, you can save a considerable amount of money while still receiving a professional wax.

7. Slow hair growth

You can wait longer between visits by making the hair grow less with a slow-growth product like Gigi Slow Grow (compare prices) if applied after waxing, and you continue to do so daily.

8. Go to a tech’s home

Not allowed in every State, some licensed technicians work out of their homes and can perform the same high-quality waxing you’re used to. They don’t have the high overhead that comes with a salon or spa and can charge a whole lot less. Please make sure they practice safe and sanitary waxing precautions. Check craigslist in your city under beauty services.

9. Wax at home

While you might not want to wax at home every time, switching between home and going to the pros will stretch your budget.
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