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Hair Removal for Body and Facial Zones


Every area of the face and body has different needs when it comes to hair removal. Find the best hair removal options, tips, method comparisons and advice for removing your facial or body hair.
  1. Bikini Area
  2. Brazilian
  3. Eyebrows
  4. Face
  1. Legs
  2. Underarms
  3. Stomach
  4. Specifically for Men

Bikini Area

bikini hair removal, pubic hair removal, pubic shaving, pubic waxing, pubic designs

You'd be surprised just how many options you have for ridding hair here. From getting just a clean-up to color, and even creating designs.


brazilian wax, bikini wax, pubic hair

The Brazilian is in a class all of its own. Learn more about this specialty wax to get the best results, play it safe and learn the differences between other bikini styles.


how to shape eyebrows, eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tweezing, threading eyebrows

There's much more than just getting rid of hair in the brows. A careful selection of removing and keeping the right hairs makes the world of difference in framing your eyes, and balancing your face.


facial hair removal, remove hair on face, laser hair removal for face, rid facial hair

You don't have to stick to just using tweezers, other options are available for ridding facial hair.


leg hair removal, leg waxing

Getting silky legs for weeks is easier than you might think.


underarm hair removal, rid armpit hair, underarm waxing

Confidently raise your hands and bare smooth underarms.


belly hair removal, stomach hair removal

Whether you're a man or woman, with a little hair or alot, learn how to get a fuzz-free belly.

Specifically for Men

men's hair removal, back hair removal, male hair removal

Men's needs for hair removal are a bit different than women's, as the hair is a bit thicker and more prevalent. But are you ready for a bikini wax?

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