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Reader Submissions: Sugaring Spas and Salons


More than just having sugaring on the menu, these sugar spas and salons specialize in this hair removal technique and share their tips and advice for getting a great service.

Sugaring- Newport Beach, California

Body sugaring is an all-natural grooming alternative, which can be beneficial for the skin due to its essential exfoliating properties. It only takes one Sugaring Treatment to have soft, supple, beau…More

Sugaring- Hednesford, UK

The results are fantastic! I love how quickly the hair is broken down; it becomes softer and more sparse with time. The treatment becomes a time for my clients to relax, not to feel it is something t…More

Sugaring - San Diego, California

It's is simple, clean and green. 100% SANITARY!! All natural. It removes the hair in the natural direction of the growth and doesn't break any hairs. You will never burn or tear the skin. No ingrown…More

Sugaring - Berkshire, UK

Its 100% natural.It's clean, hygienic and has an absolutely smooth finish.Extracts hair in natural direction of their growth, no broken hair!Solves ingrown hair problems.Sticks only to dead cells and…More

Sugaring- Brithish Columbia, Canada

I love seeing how delighted my clients are with their results. They are usually pleasantly surprised with how smooth and non-irritated their skin is. I also love it when a client tells me how much le…More

Sugaring- Maumelle, Arkansas

I love the fact that my clients have better results than all other ways of hair removal in general. They find that they can go longer with out visits to have their treatments and are booking other tr…More

Sugaring- Puyallup, Washington

Sugaring allows clients to get through the most uncomfortable hair removal services with ease. Quick recovery time for the skin. I also love the fact I am using an all natural product and creating mu…More

Sugaring- San Rafael, California

Sugaring has been around for thousands of years, before waxing! At Jessa Skin we believe you should return to more basic formulas for hair removal. Sugaring is made of: Sugar, Water & Lemon Juice coo…More

Sugaring- North Saanich, BC

I love seeing how delighted my clients are with their results. They are usually pleasantly surprised with how smooth and non-irritated their skin is. I also love it when a client tells me how much le…More

Sugaring- Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Antibacterial and a very clean process for both the client and as an operator. If you are sugaring for the first time.....do not worry....it is a much smoother service than waxing (no bumps or residu…More

Sugaring- Hamilton Ontario Canada

I have to say the clients themselves, being perfectly honest. I enjoy seeing them month after month, and seeing how happy they are with the results. I am a bottom line person, I love how simple and u…More

Sugaring- Little Rock, Arkansas

My clients love it, they feel less pain and get longer and better results.I love it, after all it was the way Cleopatra did it, if it was good enough for her why not for us today!The hair is removed …More

Sugaring- UK

The way that clients and so pleased with the lack of re-growth... it's like magic.I love the total natural ingredients and the fact that clients have smooth silky skin straight away.I have also seen …More

Sugaring- San Francisco California

Sugaring Hair Removal has many aspects to love...(1) Biodegradeable, edible paste ingredients(2) Never hot, won't burn skin(3) Can remove hair very short, no long grow out period needed(4) Refines gr…More

Sugaring- Santa Monica, California

I don't even know where to start!#1. I LOVE that the sugar is great for EVERYONE!2. It's totally 100% natural and biodegradable.3. Pulls hair as short as 1/16 of an inch (3 days growth).4. Leaves th…More

Sugaring in Scottsdale Arizona- ALETRIS

All-natural sugar hair removal results in fewer ingrowns, less irritation and less pain! Though not painless, sugaring tends to be considerably less painful than waxing because the paste does not adh…More

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