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Sugaring- Little Rock, Arkansas

Submit an Entry: Sugaring Spas and Salons

By Melody Burgener

What Is the Name of Your Business and Its Address?

Melodys Skincrare / Inside Salon Frisor Mina

11610 Pleasant Ridge Rd Suite 103

Little Rock, AR 72223

What Is Your Website? (if applicable)


What Sugaring Products Do You Use?

I am a Alexandria Certified expert for over 2 years now and I love it.

What Is Your Most Requested Sugaring Service?

Eyebrows, lips, chins, brazilian, backs, both men and women and even teens

What Brought You To Specialize In Sugaring?

I found that regular wax made some clients have a reaction to their skin. I then tried several hard waxes and had heard about and found out about Alexandria sugaring I was excited., But then had to move away.

I found it strange that we moved over to Turkey for 2 years and found out there that they have been sugaring there in the turkish baths for years and years and I was hooked.

Excited and upon my return to CA, I signed up for my certification and bought my kit and have not looked back to traditional wax.

Wow what a differance it has made in my services, I am so glad I have it to offer my clients.

What Do You Love Most About Sugaring?

My clients love it, they feel less pain and get longer and better results.

I love it, after all it was the way Cleopatra did it, if it was good enough for her why not for us today!

The hair is removed from the roots so there is less regrowth, less visits for my clients. They are now trying other services I offer but did not want to spend money on.

It has no cross cantamanation problems like regular wax, no double dipping ever!!!!! Even the sugar strip is better then regular wax.

It leaves the skin cleaner as is also exfoliates as a side effect, how great it that.

I have yet to have a client who does not love it.

I just moved to Little Rock, AR and have my clients in CA still calling me about where can they get sugared. I wish I had someone who had a great reputation and great products I could sent them to.


  • I would find someone like myself who has a professional sugar and not a home made brand so you do not have to worry about any possible mistakes in the mix.
  • It sounds easy to make but there can always be a human mistake.
  • Make sure you fill out a questionnaire and be truthful with you professional sugar expert, so you do not have a side effects.
  • Follow all pre and post guidelines for maximum results and enjoy you new soft and silky skin.
  • If you can't get sugar paste the sugar strip is the next best thing.

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