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Sugaring- Peterborough, Ontario Canada

Submit an Entry: Sugaring Spas and Salons

By Shannon Gray

What Is the Name of Your Business and Its Address?

Sugar Me Right!

288 Park St. N (Rear Entrance)

Peterborough, Ontario


K9J 3W5

What Is Your Website? (if applicable)


What Sugaring Products Do You Use?

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring.

What Is Your Most Requested Sugaring Service?

LA Bikini (Brazilian.)

What Brought You To Specialize In Sugaring?

After using home sugaring for 14 years it became unavailable. I couldn't live without my sugar so I got trained and the rest is history.

What Do You Love Most About Sugaring?

That you have smooth skin for weeks at a time, and depending on the location, sometimes months. Sugaring is all natural and safe for sensitive skin types, there are no risks of burning or scaring your clients and with each treatment you work to diminish the hairs return. If you keep at sugaring at the earliest growth stage it can lead to permanency.

Having a qualified professional sugarist will give you the best skin care advice and teach you about hair regrowth and how to manage all of this to get the skin you want.


  • Don't grow your hair past 1/4 inch it becomes unnecessarily painful.
  • If you have sensitive skin that reacts to various things than take an anti-histamine before sugaring as the natural protectiveness of your skin will rush histamine to the surface.
  • If you are concerned about the pain and prior to your first sugaring you should consider taking an ibuprofen or the like. This will reduce the pain and any swelling of the follicles.
  • Don't shave between treatments it will hinder regrowth in the sense that it might cause ingrowns and the effects of sugaring will be reduced.

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