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Waxing Salon- Carlsbad, California

Submit an Entry: Tell Us About Your Waxing Salon or Spa

By gesmos

What Is the Name of Your Business and Its Address?

Beehive Waxing Salon of Carlsbad

2564 State St Suite E

Carlsbad Ca 92008

760 729 5200

What Is Your Website? (if applicable)


What Waxing Products Do You Use?

Hard and soft wax, threading,

precare numbing solutions

aftercare bikini solutions

What Is Your Most Requested Waxing Service?

Brazilian waxing, Hollywood waxing, and brows.

What Brought You To Specialize in Waxing?

I was a consumer, and always had a love for the beauty business.

I have highly individual ideas, and felt like it would be a business to specialize in, since there were so many bad service providers and lack of information and experience at the time. I have been a waxing specialist for 24 years. I have a creative business sense and individual style. I like people and love to see something grow (business wise).

What Do You Most Love About Waxing?

Instant gratification.

Someone who has bad brows and you are able to instantaneously recreate their look.

Someone has had a bad/atrocious experience with waxing, and we are able to "bring them to the other side", I hear them often say, "that wasn't anything like I thought it would be. That wasn't bad at all".

They have heard awful things about waxing, and we are able to correct those myths in our salon.

We try to adequately prepare people and educate them on home care as well.


  • No caffeine
  • 2-4 ibuprofen if doc approves
  • Numbing solution
  • Avoid coming in just prior to your period, your tissues are swollen, you are retaining fluid, and you potentially can be more sensitive, if at all possible - especially if it is your first time, best to wait til after your period.
  • Start small, maybe a regular bikini, then an itsy bitsy, then a Hollywood. It won't be as scary or traumatic.
  • Your technician should be able to "read your reaction" or sense if it is too much for you this time.
  • NO DOUBLE DIPPING POLICY obvious in salon
  • Hard wax on the labia-ALWAYS

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