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Readers Respond: My Bikini Wax Experience

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From the article: Bikini Waxing Styles
Women and men we want to hear your experiences- good and bad- at home or at a salon. Whether it was a regular bikini wax to a full Brazilian. Please, keep it clean. Share Your Stories


I've always had more hair than Bon Jovi but it never concerned me unless I was going swimming & I would shave the day before. I was over it last year and decided to get a full wax. it had been about 9 months since I had done any maintenance down there and in a dim light from the waist down looked like a Labrador. So after booking a clinic, I stopped by the tavern for a couple of liquid hero shots and strolled down to the salon. I was greeted by the lady at the front and then ushered into a small room (my cat would have trouble turning around) where I met the woman who would be doing the wax. I could feel the nerves starting to build from there. This neanderthal stood almost as wide as high and spoke with a thick accent where every word ended sounding like she was spitting. I thought she looked more at home in a wrestling ring than a beauty salon. She looked at my privates and smiled. It took her 30 mins of (her pleasure) (my agony) to RIP every hair from me. It was totally unbelievable.
—Guest Neki

Go to pro

The first time I had my wax down under, I had it Hollywood style. I thought it would be so painful but turned out to be much less painful than I initially thought. I think it really depends on who will wax you, the salon and of course your menstrual cycle. I didn't take any painkillers either. I go to Strip Ministry. It's been 3 years that I always opt for Hollywood. Happy camper here. :-)
—Guest hollywood pro

Scared to wax!

I never have pubic hair. I always shave but I always have ingrown hairs, so it's never 100% smooth which is what I want! I dont want any hair but im afraid of the pain and someone seeing my vagina for the first time besides my partner. And how much does a full Hollywood wax usually cost? And where do I find somewhere near me?
—Guest shania


I'm still pretty young and I'm not sexually active but I dislike hair. So I used to shave down there but then I grew tired of shaving so often so I tried Brazilian Wax at home and it's fine. I bled the first time but that was because I was pulling the wrong way as you can see not all pubic hair grow the same way. But it wasn't bad and it wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be. I didn't even get wax on my hands. And the pain... it's bearable. Like the first strip will come more as a surprise than pain but as a tip, don't count, just pull. Because when you count you're waiting for the pain to hit you.
—Guest Christy

Save the money, go to a PRO!

I had my first waxing experience before a recent trip to Mexico. Pay someone that you feel comfortable talking to, and that understands what you want. I did full legs, underarms and a bikini (from these definitions). Underarms were the worst for me. I'm going back again because the 20 minutes of awkwardness and bit of pain is SO worth not shaving so much!!
—Guest Jen


This was my first time getting a wax done downstairs at all. No, I didn't have time to go get a bikini wax. Yes, I meant to. Things didn't work out that way so I got a full Hollywood wax for the first time I ever got my lady parts waxed at all. It wasn't as bad as the articles i have read made it. I went to a place in England because we are living here right now because of military. We love it here and the lady I had was amazing. She was very friendly and kind. She was quick and efficient. I defintely think that who your waxing lady is makes a HUGE difference. The worst part was toward the back of my entrance. It wasn't too bad otherwise. I barely made any noise. At most, a sharp intake of air. Many posts I read about made the waxing of the anus the worst, but that hurt much less and went much quicker than the vagina/pubic area. Nonetheless, lol I got a Hollywood today, full leg, and underarms. I am very hairless right now. Hahaha but I am pretty sure it's worth it.
—Guest Rachel


I put wax on pubic hairs which are long! Bad mistake because I can't get the wax off my body. It hurts. What can I do to get this wax off? Please help a.s.a.p. I'm in so much pain. I need home remedies for me now! It would help me out if you know of any please respond now, thank you!!!!
—Guest helpame


I went to Beaute Academy Birmingham and the waxer knew nothing of bikini waxing and direction of hair growth. She yanked and pulled at my hair, which did not come out. I understand that my hair is thicker, but the waxer should have known to tell me or to use hot wax, not thin soft wax! She spoke hardly any English!! She yanked at my hair for 30 minutes straight until I bled, then said nothing and left! I was left with patches of sticky clumpy waxy hair! I just put my clothes back on, paid and left, only to burst into tears when I reached my car. This was a terrible embarrassing experience for me, being so new to waxing. I did my research and know more than her! I am mortified!! The facialist however was very kind, I will not be going back though and DO NOT RECOMMEND this place at all. I will be finding a new place for waxing for my holiday in 2 days :/ I still had to pay full price despite such a bad experience. I was so stunned I just wanted to get out of that terrible place.
—Guest Em

helpful tips

As a professional I recommend take 2 paracetamol 20 minutes before treatment to ease the pain. Also, ask your therapist about numbing sprays/creams that may assist. Remember to factor in your menstrual cycle too as this can affect your pain tolerance.
—Guest nichole


I decided I was through with having hair there, so I went all out and got a hollywood, although my salon just calls it full bikini. Boy was it painful, but most definitely worth it. I used to shave- never again. Wax all the way. No pain no gain as they say :p
—Guest Nikita

Brazilian/Hollywood in Walsall

Went to a salon in Walsall for a Brazilian, but they only did bikini waxes. The pain wasn't too bad but it wasn't what I wanted.
—Guest Kaatje

Discription for French is wrong

French does include the tail end. It is also for those who want to wear g-string bikinis.
—Guest Angela

First At-Home Was

Worst thing ever. I quit about halfway through one leg when the hair was not coming off nearly enough and gave up entirely after trying a small patch on my bikini line, which bled. Bad experience, but can't afford a professional wax.
—Guest Luna


I want the hair gone!! And I don't want to shave and nick myself, that would be the worst, but I'm super duper nervous about getting a wax, I can't imagine the pain! Thanks for the info, I'm going with my best friend soon and now I'll know what to ask for!
—Guest AneB

Ow, but dealable

Went for my first wax today. I was VERY nervous. Decided to go all out and get "The Hollywood." It wasn't that bad. Yes, It hurt, but completely tolerable and I love the feeling of no hair.
—Guest Sarah

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My Bikini Wax Experience

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