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Readers Respond: My Bikini Wax Experience

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From the article: Bikini Waxing Styles
Women and men we want to hear your experiences- good and bad- at home or at a salon. Whether it was a regular bikini wax to a full Brazilian. Please, keep it clean.


I decided I was through with having hair there, so I went all out and got a hollywood, although my salon just calls it full bikini. Boy was it painful, but most definitely worth it. I used to shave- never again. Wax all the way. No pain no gain as they say :p
—Guest Nikita

Brazilian/Hollywood in Walsall

Went to a salon in Walsall for a Brazilian, but they only did bikini waxes. The pain wasn't too bad but it wasn't what I wanted.
—Guest Kaatje

Discription for French is wrong

French does include the tail end. It is also for those who want to wear g-string bikinis.
—Guest Angela

First At-Home Was

Worst thing ever. I quit about halfway through one leg when the hair was not coming off nearly enough and gave up entirely after trying a small patch on my bikini line, which bled. Bad experience, but can't afford a professional wax.
—Guest Luna


I want the hair gone!! And I don't want to shave and nick myself, that would be the worst, but I'm super duper nervous about getting a wax, I can't imagine the pain! Thanks for the info, I'm going with my best friend soon and now I'll know what to ask for!
—Guest AneB

Ow, but dealable

Went for my first wax today. I was VERY nervous. Decided to go all out and get "The Hollywood." It wasn't that bad. Yes, It hurt, but completely tolerable and I love the feeling of no hair.
—Guest Sarah


I went and got a "HollyWood" it HuRt bad but I love it and I am so smooth :)
—Guest April

bad waxing

I went to a beautician and got a full leg and bikini wax done, it was extremely painful. I bled a fair amount and ended up with a lot of ingrown hairs which eventually had to be treated with antibiotics as they swelled up and became infected. I think I'll stick with hair removal creams.
—Guest becca F

At Home Wax Heaven

I am sooooo glad I chose to do at home waxing. No awkwardness 'cause I am by myself and can do what I want and don't need to know all the different names. Yes the waxing people see a hundred vaginas so why would seeing mine be a problem? Well I am just not comfortable showing someone that stuff :) so I chose at home waxing. I think I am addicted to it 'cause as soon as I see hair start to come back I immediately clear my schedule to take care of it ;) ok enough babbling.....at home is my choice
—Guest Julie

Know the terms!!

I finally decided to go for my first bikini wax because I was tired of shaving every other day. Who knew there were 10 different names?? I thought a full bikini wax covered it and when she was done and handed me a mirror, I basically had a foo-man-chu going on. LOL!! I ended up having to come back for a brazilian which was really what I wanted but was afraid of the pain. It was easy with the help of a little ibuprofen 30 minutes before. I love love love my brazilian and never want to return to shaving!! I don't know about anyone else, but all the girls I've ever seen in magazines had just about nothing! Names can be deceiving, so thanks for the explanation!!
—Guest Tatiana


Both my wife and I have the full 'Hollywood'. We are lucky and one of our neighbours is a beautician and so we have it done at home and at a discount as well!!
—Guest andy


It HURTS but is awesome and leaves a nice feeling.
—Guest tar

at home waxing

I agree with kelly, waxing at home is a bad idea. I, too, had patches of hair left end ended up tweezing them away. The waxing kits sometimes come with an oil to moisturize your skin and I found that it takes off most of the remaining wax.
—Guest eliana rose

Bad Brazilian at Home

I had a Brazilian at a salon before but wanted to save some money, so I bought a kit to do a Brazilian at home. Boy, was that a mistake. The wax didn't come off and I had patches of hair left. Let's just say that I was picking off wax for days.
—Guest Kelly

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