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Readers Respond: Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?

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From the article: Threading Hair Removal 101
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? I personally love it, but I know some people who have absolutely hated it. I know a lot depends on the person actually doing the threading. So that's why we want to hear about your experience. What Did You Think?


I've gotten my eyebrows threaded a couple of times and each time I always end up crying. Not sobbing, just enough tears to make her stop and let me compose myself. It's embarrassing but my eyebrows do look good. It really can be worth the pain, but it's really up to whoever is getting it done.
—Guest sora

Very painful, felt like electric shocks

I finally tried it for the first time and it HURT, all of it. I had tears running when she did my upper lip. I'll stick to waxing --one quick pull and it's done. I always turn red even with this. My brows were not shaped which is why I tried it. Waxing is the best way.
—Guest Teresa Daniels

Love eyebrow threading

I've had it done a few different places and always liked the results. Recently a local threading place was offering a 3 month plan where you can go as often as you like for an upfront flat fee. I signed up for brows, full face and neck. For me brows and upper lip - the pain is minimal (and short lived) and the results are awesome. I like to go every 10-14 days. Beautiful. My neck/chin on the other hand, is very painful. I'm quite hairy and every technician tells me the hair just does not want to come out. It's out by the end of the session, but it hurts. A lot. Waxing this area for me hurts too and rarely actually removes the hair, so at least with threading the hair is gone. The redness and inflammation afterwards is much less than waxing for me as well (minutes as opposed to hours). I need to go every 7 days for my neck if I want to keep it hair free.
—Guest Denise623


We'll I've been threading for about 8-9 months, it is painful but it gets amazing results. Hey, beauty is pain right? I mean push-up bras squeeze you until you can't breathe, so what's 10 minutes of string pulling out your eyebrow hairs? lol. If I wait longer than once a month to get them done they get all misshaped and it looks like I cut pieces off. When I was younger my brother shaved off half of my eyebrow and I was born with and it kind of spaced out eyebrows and everyone is like: LET THEM GROW. I'm like, No.
—Guest Eliz


I had my face and neck done for the first time today. It had a bit of a sting, but nothing to complain about. The tech was wonderful and very fast. I can't believe people are saying it was the worst pain they ever felt. It was nothing and I had my whole lower face done. First time in my life I've been hair free on my face. Yes I am a female.
—Guest Trish

Eye Brow Threading

Can be extremely painful depending on skin and your personal pain threshold. Personally, I find it painful and reserve "threading" for special occasions. I use only an experienced technician and one that has been referred to me. I like that once threading is complete there is no redness or skin reaction as possible with waxing.
—Guest Ricci/Esthetician


I got my upper lip and brows done yesterday. I love my results my eyebrows have never looked so good. Getting the brows done didn't hurt at all. The upper lip was a different story. That was very painful. I will be going back every 2 weeks to get the brows done. Love my results and highly recommend to anyone.
—Guest shopper

Hairless in NY

I had my face done. The tech seemed good, but I have bumps on face from where the hair has removed. Will they go away?
—Guest Susan

Love it!!

Better than waxing and little pain!!! I got it done the first time and can't express how happy I am with the results!!!
—Guest Tiffany Warren


Threading is an amazing and effective hair removal technique. But it's a skill and hard to do on yourself and on someone. But I use this threading tool and it makes threading easy to do! Anyone can do this at home. Salons use them too. Check out www.helixhairthreading.com to see this amazing beauty tool. My new best friend!
—Guest Maria

Not great

I have tried several times now and each time I get big lumps on my brow bone area. It looks weird and swollen for about 3/4 days. It's not really worth it, I'll stick to the old fashioned method from now on.
—Guest Lesley


I just had this done today. It didn't hurt too much having my eyebrows done but having my lip threaded really hurt. I think my eyebrows are are a little too thin. In the past I've had waxing done. I think I may go back to that. I would recommend trying it and drawing your own conclusions. My husband and daughter think my brows look good.
—Guest Harmony

Brilliant results

From the moment I peeked in the door to watch them threading to when I walked out with the best shaped eyebrows I've ever had (I'm 53) 5 mins had passed. The woman was very efficient and fast, it only stung a little with no redness at all afterwards. I will never do anything else but threading. Find a busy place full of woman.
—Guest Sue

Worth it

I started having my eyebrows threaded a few months ago and they weren't exactly the worst eyebrows but they needed tidying up. My sister and mum have been having them done for ages and it still hurts my mum now! But my sister is immune to the pain, probably because she isn't really sensitive when it comes to pain. When I first got them done they hurt so much but the results were great!!!! I had a nice shape and they were so neat and tidy. The second time hurt just as much but the third time was okay, I think the more you get them done the less it hurts. But it really is worth it as your eyebrows look great!! I get them done every 3 weeks because it doesn't grow back fast and I'm going getting them done today!! It still hurts me and I dread it but its definitely worth the pain!
—Guest Meera


I am getting my eye brows waxed tomorrow and I am so worried! Some people say it hurts like heck and others say that it is just like getting a band aid ripped off. So many mixed emotions! What should I do? Are their some tips that you could give me? I am just turning 13. I can't wait to see what I look like though. •_• Grace•_•
—Guest Grace R.

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Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?

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