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Readers Respond: Have You Tried Getting Your Eyebrows Threaded?

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From the article: Threading Hair Removal 101
Have you gotten your eyebrows threaded? I personally love it, but I know some people who have absolutely hated it. I know a lot depends on the person actually doing the threading. So that's why we want to hear about your experience.

eyebrows threaded

The first time it hurt, but since then its soothing the upper lip it hurts a bit. Then I had the jaw around & bottom lip.
—Guest julie

First Thread

Today I got my eyebrows threaded and it looks AMAZING. I heard that threading hurts a lot. For me I didn't feel a thing.
—Guest Kaitlin Cisneros


I've gotten my eyebrows threaded a couple of times and each time I always end up crying. Not sobbing, just enough tears to make her stop and let me compose myself. It's embarrassing but my eyebrows do look good. It really can be worth the pain, but it's really up to whoever is getting it done.
—Guest sora

Very painful, felt like electric shocks

I finally tried it for the first time and it HURT, all of it. I had tears running when she did my upper lip. I'll stick to waxing --one quick pull and it's done. I always turn red even with this. My brows were not shaped which is why I tried it. Waxing is the best way.
—Guest Teresa Daniels

want my eyebrows threaded.

I want my eyebrows threaded but I have heard it's really painful. Can someone that has already had theirs threaded comment? Thank you.
—Guest dozza

First time the charm...

The first threading was amazing. Other than a pinch or two it wasn't unpleasant and the results were beautiful. The next time, another place, it was prickly, left a couple of spots of blood and patchy. So, it does depend on the operator and you cannot tell until you've tried them.
—Guest Judygee


I got them threaded. The first time I ever threaded my eyebrows and they lasted for 2 months. Even then it barely had any hair. I need to thread them again, waxing doesn't last long -_-
—Guest tammi

Threading Eyebrows

I've tried this with great results and would do so again.
—Guest Jana


Both sides of my face broke out after my first threading, is this normal?
—Guest Jackie King

Depends on the person

Realize that the pain of threading depends on your beautician. If it's hurting that much (as it is many of you) you NEED to switch places. Obviously they're not good at what they do, and they're probably not doing a very good job.
—Guest Natalie

First try

I used to get eyebrow and lip wax, but found it irritated my skin, especially on the lip. I tried threading last night, the brows were ok (same as plucking) pain wise but the top lip... Ouch!!! I would do brows again, but not the lip.
—Guest JD


It felt like she was picking and sometimes peeling my skin off little by little. It was the first time I had anything done to my brows ever. I looked in the mirror and didn't know what to think. It took me a while to get used to the look and I recieved a couple compliments. I'll invest in some numbing creme and go back for round two tomorrow. Hope it's not as painful as it was last time!!!
—Guest Kiki

LOVE threading!!!

Love Love Love!!! I plucked my brows for years and was way too paranoid to try waxing because of red skin, pain, botched job, and so forth. Somehow, I got talked into threading and I will NEVER go back to plucking myself!! It's super fast, cheap, and I have NO recovery time (red skin). Do your homework and do reviews to find a great place! I do brows and lip. I'm obsessed and it DOESN'T hurt.
—Guest Laurie B

It's great

I get my eyebrows threaded. It hurts, but it isn't unbearable and the results are more than worth it. I don't get my lip threaded though, I get that waxed. I don't think I could handle lip threading!
—Guest Laurie

I got my eyebrows threaded

I went to go get my eyebrows done for the first time ever, so I did some research and people said that waxing was more painful and that it didn't last as long. So I decided to get the least painful for my first time, and I got threading. It doesn't really hurt as bad, it just feels like they're razoring your hair. And it hurts when they get the main part. My eyes were all watery, but it was worth it. I love my eyebrows.
—Guest Gena Nunez

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