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Readers Respond: How You Get Razor Burn Relief

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From the article: How To Prevent Razor Burn
What do you do to get razor burn relief? It's not a pretty sight and it didn't get it's name to include burn for nothing, because it can really sting. Do you use something you already have in your cupboard or have a specific product that really works? Tell us. What Do You Do?

Go to nature

Aloe vera gel, straight from the plant. Be patient and rub the gel on the irritated skin at least until you sense the burning starting to fade -- or even longer. You may even see the irritation start to fade. There are different versions of the plant; one with clear runny gel and one with thick yellowish gel. The second type works better for this purpose. This type of aloe typically (always, to my knowledge) has small prickles on the plant "leaves", whereas the other type has a totally smooth surface.

To Remedy Razor Burn

The "Burn" in Razor Burn is no joke. It is really a painful problem. I use a product from Swedish Skin Care called Razor Burn Freedom for Women .. but it is not just for women. It has no perfumes and makes my skin feel so soft that my boyfriend even uses it now.
—Guest Shelia

Aloe Vera Gel

Apply it over nite until the burns are gone. Took me 1 nite but everyone is different!
—Guest Hi

Shaving oil

I have very sensitive skin and I've noticed that shaving oil under my cream really helps me not get razor burn. I also make sure not to use a blade that's getting dull.
—Guest Ted

What Do You Do?

How You Get Razor Burn Relief

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