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Readers Respond: Should Guys Shave Their Legs?

Responses: 181


Absolutely NO!

You have GOT to be joking! Cyclists, swimmers yes. Everybody else, NO!
—Guest Dave

Why Not?

First off what dictates a man is not what he wears or shaves. It's how he acts. A "REAL MAN" takes responsibility for his actions, one who can admit when he's wrong or can easily say sorry when he's made a mistake. A "REAL MAN" treats a woman with respect and acts like a gentleman. I know a lot of hairy legged so called men that can't do that. Personally I shave my chest, arm pits and legs. All for reasons of health and preferance. I would get a lot of ingrown hairs on my upper legs and calfs. Shaving eliminated that. Plus believe it or not it feels better under my clothing. I shave my arm pits because it helps reduce odor. I had trouble finding a strong enough deodorant to totally eliminate underarm odor. Shaving greatly helped. I shave my chest because I didn't have much hair there and it grew in patches. I thought this looked stupid so I started shaving and as an added bonus I nolonger felt the occasional painful pulling of hair around my nipple area by my shirts.
—Guest Ted

It's great!!

I'm in my mid teens and I've been shaving my legs for a few months now. I love it and I think it looks so much better than having hairy ape legs. Real men shouldn't be afraid to do something that hasn't been accepted as a cultural norm yet.
—Guest k89

to the ones that don't know better

If you think that only men who shave there legs are gay you need help. Gay men like men. Why would they shave their legs? if I liked men I would like the hair that came with him.
—Guest no better

Hair don't make a man

I've been reading these post about men are supposed to be hairy, and you have to have hair to be a "real man". To the ladies I've read on here that think that, a real man is judged how we treat the lady, for the family, so on so forth, hair has nothing to do with it. Second, where is is written women are supposed to shave? You do it because you want to, not a requirement. Hair makes you smarter? really? I know some hairy people dumb as an ox. Body hair had to purposes, 1. in cave men days to keep us warmer. 2. to trap pheromones, something we no long need. Get with the times people, I shave everything neck down, half of my legs had patches of hair missing, looked like a cow:) Women love the feeling, they like feeling smooth instead of nasty hair. Besides, to the ladies against it, if you go to strip clubs, does not your male strippers have no hair? It's to each their own, just stop using outdated reasons for having hair on your guys:)
—Guest justaguy79

it is a wonderful feeling!!!

Well I decided one day to do a full leg wax and since then I just love it. Coming to think of it, I am wondering why I kept my legs so hairy..yucckkk!!!!
—Guest Guest

Yes Should Shave it

I do my shave legs, they look very nice and smooth. Cause when my legs got very hairy and it was too itchy and then I got a red rash that looked very bad. So I recommend shaving so it looks nice.
—Guest MJT

Whatever makes YOU happy.

I am a man, and i have shaved my legs before.. i liked it because i'm Italian and have hairy legs, not too bad but more than normal. I trim my legs with clippers and shave my thighs.. girls love it and it makes me feel cleaner and better looking. I also pluck my eye brows because why would a girl want a guy with messy eye brows? Guys, if you are thinking about it.. try it. First trim them, and see how you like it.. and if you want it to go all the way then shave them.
—Guest Dom


I find a man with muscular legs who shaves to be incredible sexy.
—Guest femmefatale


Well shaving looks better than filled with hair...just dont shve often. Hair become thicker and thicker as you shave more and more.. And once it's thick hair ... It looks really gross... Shaving once in awhile is fine...
—Guest Guest78698

it doesn't matter!

people shouldn't have to worry about this sort of thing so much. it's your personality that makes you more feminine or masculine, i think. A woman can be just as feminine with hairy pits as she is with smooth underarms. And so a man should do whatever he wants with his own body!! no one else has to live in your skin, so have it smooth or hairy or in-between.
—Guest ali

Men shaving legs

Why not, no different to shaving the head or face. It's a personal thing. If you don't like it, mind your own business.
—Guest Sykes

Shave my body , everywhere !

I shave all over my body every few days. It looks great, and my lady does too. I use Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Women's Satin Care shaving Gel. No nicks! Apply Lubriderm also. PeteWhim Santa Barbara County, California
—Guest PeteWhim

Yes, and no

I don't have a problem with guys shaving their legs. That's not a major concern of mine. But please stay out of my makeup case. And my underwear drawer as well. Thank you!
—Guest michele


I'm a body builder but 2 be a real man u should have hair on your arms and legs depending on how much you have. To tell u the truth I think if u shave ur legs ur gay but some ppl do it cuz they do sports.
—Guest Sum1

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