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Readers Respond: Should Guys Shave Their Legs?

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smooth is nice

I started with shaving for cycling. I discovered I liked the feel but the stubble was a pain. Now I use an epilator and love the long lasting smoothness. I am smooth from the neck down but, so far only show my arms. I am shy about my legs, partially because they are so white.
—Guest chrismj

Do what makes you feel good

I have shaved neck down because I wanted to know how it feels, and it feels great, does feel refreshing. I am totally straight, I have not heard of a straight man trying it and saying it feels bad or wrong. I have tried it and I love feeling smooth.
—Guest Paul


Im 23 and have shaved my legs, nipples,front, and back,(and trimmed armpits) for over 4 years now, i absolutely love it! I love the feeling it gives afterward, and putting lotion over everything afterwards is amazing!
—Guest anal

It's pretty normal here

I live in Hawaii and the guys here usually shave their legs. It might be the Asian culture but it's pretty normal and is not looked at like the dude is gay. In fact my girlfriend likes it better. So yup!
—Guest Dude

Just Do It

Hey! If it feels good, do it. Personally, I resented being called a hairy ape. I shave it all off and to boot, I plucked my beard and haven't really had to do extensive shaving since. If only man can wax their faces!
—Guest guest Dovid

Go For It

I am an 18 year old guy and I support males who desire to remove their leg hair. Firstly, I must inform you haters that I am as straight as a wall. My 3rd most recent girlfriend insisted that I shave my legs due to the fantastic look and sensational texture. I have very tan legs, so when my legs are smooth they naturally look great. I do not where shorts the few times I get the guts to shave my legs, and I don't tell anyone because I'm embarrassed. My family makes fun of me cause they know I shaved my legs for 4 months last year. I say I don't care what people think, but I sadly do. If it were up to me I'd shave my legs every day, but society doesn't accept it, so i hide under a hairy leg cover up when all along I wish people would accept me with shaved legs. I can't wait till male leg shaving becomes acceptable in America. That will be the day...
—Guest JustDoIt

Yeah I do

I did it on a dare. I wear shorts alot so I was teased but got over it. I has been waxing my legs for a while now and like it. Do what you feel like doing. Ones you get use to smooth legs you won't have hair on them again!!!!
—Guest Paul


i just shaved my legs, thighs too. i feel some what unsure about this tho... im most worried about what some people will think about it, if they think im gay then whatever, because i know i'm not and i have gf to show for it, but i just want to be able to fit in, since im only 15 its a confusing age for me;[ im really worried about what my father will think or say when he has seen what i have done. i think i just need to be a little more confident. i just dont know how tho..
—Guest jack

Absolutely NO!

You have GOT to be joking! Cyclists, swimmers yes. Everybody else, NO!
—Guest Dave

Why Not?

First off what dictates a man is not what he wears or shaves. It's how he acts. A "REAL MAN" takes responsibility for his actions, one who can admit when he's wrong or can easily say sorry when he's made a mistake. A "REAL MAN" treats a woman with respect and acts like a gentleman. I know a lot of hairy legged so called men that can't do that. Personally I shave my chest, arm pits and legs. All for reasons of health and preferance. I would get a lot of ingrown hairs on my upper legs and calfs. Shaving eliminated that. Plus believe it or not it feels better under my clothing. I shave my arm pits because it helps reduce odor. I had trouble finding a strong enough deodorant to totally eliminate underarm odor. Shaving greatly helped. I shave my chest because I didn't have much hair there and it grew in patches. I thought this looked stupid so I started shaving and as an added bonus I nolonger felt the occasional painful pulling of hair around my nipple area by my shirts.
—Guest Ted

It's great!!

I'm in my mid teens and I've been shaving my legs for a few months now. I love it and I think it looks so much better than having hairy ape legs. Real men shouldn't be afraid to do something that hasn't been accepted as a cultural norm yet.
—Guest k89

to the ones that don't know better

If you think that only men who shave there legs are gay you need help. Gay men like men. Why would they shave their legs? if I liked men I would like the hair that came with him.
—Guest no better

Hair don't make a man

I've been reading these post about men are supposed to be hairy, and you have to have hair to be a "real man". To the ladies I've read on here that think that, a real man is judged how we treat the lady, for the family, so on so forth, hair has nothing to do with it. Second, where is is written women are supposed to shave? You do it because you want to, not a requirement. Hair makes you smarter? really? I know some hairy people dumb as an ox. Body hair had to purposes, 1. in cave men days to keep us warmer. 2. to trap pheromones, something we no long need. Get with the times people, I shave everything neck down, half of my legs had patches of hair missing, looked like a cow:) Women love the feeling, they like feeling smooth instead of nasty hair. Besides, to the ladies against it, if you go to strip clubs, does not your male strippers have no hair? It's to each their own, just stop using outdated reasons for having hair on your guys:)
—Guest justaguy79

it is a wonderful feeling!!!

Well I decided one day to do a full leg wax and since then I just love it. Coming to think of it, I am wondering why I kept my legs so hairy..yucckkk!!!!
—Guest Guest

Yes Should Shave it

I do my shave legs, they look very nice and smooth. Cause when my legs got very hairy and it was too itchy and then I got a red rash that looked very bad. So I recommend shaving so it looks nice.
—Guest MJT

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