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Readers Respond: Should Guys Shave Their Legs?

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shaved and loving it

I have been doing a total body shave for 3 years now and love it. Hair is ugly, smelly, itchy and uncomfortable. I am 62 years old and will never let the hair grow again. It is very cool in summer.
—Guest ed


NO, NO, NO! Be a man! Men are supposed to be hairy! I do not want to be with a man who is smooth like a girl!!! Hair ANYWHERE on a man IS manly. What is wrong with this young generation anyhow? When did guys start looking more like girls?? What happened to the tough-type guys like Anthony Quinn or John Wayne. Can you IMAGINE them giving any thought to their body hair? It's so hard to find REAL men nowadays...fortunately I have one...but they are far and few between. Men shaving anything other than their faces is just creepy and too girlie. MEN: be proud of your masculinity! Embrace your hairy-ness. You're a man, for god's sake!!! And wait for that woman to come along who will be turned on by your masculinity in all its manifestations.

Get Real

Get real guys, there is nothing sexy or masculine about sweaty hair. The thought of being intimate with a hairy, sweaty guy is just gross. After all guys, how would you feel about fondling and kissing a hairy girl? In my opinion, if you need hair on your body to make you feel masculine then you have a real problem.
—Guest maggie

Waxed from the neck down

My wife started by asking me to shave my privates cause she thought it would look sexy, but then discovered that razor stubble is not a good thing!! I started getting brazillian waxes, and now get everything waxed from the neck down. She loves, I love it, we both love the feel, and when at the pool many ladies have complimented how nice my chest, underams and legs look. Dive in guys, it's all good!
—Guest Ralph


54 years old, married 30 plus years, grown children, and I shave my legs in summer. I live in south where it's high humidity, and hot all summer. Also started shaving my pubic hair a couple of yers ago,and notice I have not had jock itch since.
—Guest joe

shave from neck down

Started shaving everything about a year ago! Awesome feeling and cool in summer too. Wife likes it too, I'm cleaner and tan better.
—Guest mark d


Shaving down there feels more relaxing, and feels a lot nicer. Most girls I dated said that it feels better and smoother.
—Guest Kevin.

Better looking

I like the way it looks and feels when my legs are shaved. I started a couple of years ago shaving them on occassion, and now shave them regularly. I had a lady tell me once that she had a boyfriend that shaved his legs and she said she thinks it looks hot, ever since, I have been shaving and love it.
—Guest Clay

I shave and love it

I love shaving my body as I enjoy feeling what my body actually feels like and having smooth skin is very comfortable in the summertime with higher temps. I don't think people really care much when I wear shorts either. I think females notice maybe more as women tend to observe people's bodies more than men. It's a challenge to keep my skin healthy at times avoiding irritation, but I've found the Schick ST3 is made for men who shave their bodies and also the more unisex shaving creams work well, but the masculine shaving products are horribly strong smelling. I really enjoy fresh smelling fragrances or very little. Most people don't realize that shaving of the body goes back to ancient times and men where shaving their bodies in ancient Egypt and elsewhere. I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of by men shaving their bodies, as it's only hair and it grows back again.

it is OK

The fact that you shave your legs does not mean you have some sort of problem with your sexuality, some women love it!
—Guest reynald

Dry Skin

I regularly do the genital area as I hate hair there. I have a problem with very dry skin, more so on the legs. So I decided to shave them as I need moisturizing daily and cream lathers up on hairs. So now I shave all over. Feels great. Should have it done years ago !!
—Guest Johnny


Most liberating thing I ever did. It feels really good. Do the whole body from the neck down.
—Guest John T

Love it

Started a couple of years ago, wax was too expensive. Getting them lasered. Will never go with hair again. Wife loves them, and it feels great.
—Guest Matt

You Bet!!!

I shave my legs and love it! Wearing shorts are not a problem. Be proud of what you don't have on your legs. I have women ask me about it all the time and they're surprised that I do it myself.
—Guest Fred


Smooth is the way to go. I love the way it feels and looks. I am an athlete and have been smooth for a long time. For me it is something very natural.

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