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Readers Respond: My Opinion On Unshaven Women

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comfort level

In my experience I've never had a single complaint. I've always shaved my legs and under arms, but when it comes to the pubic area I go with what feels right at the time. Sometimes I shave, sometimes I don't. I really think people should worry about their own comfort level and do when makes them comfortable in their own skin, not worry about others.
—Guest Kat

Individual choice is best.

I go back and forth on hair removal. Bare, smooth skin feel great, but it takes a lot of upkeep (daily exfoliating, moisturizing). I have noticed that once leg hair gets past the stubble stage it's not unpleasant- it feels sort of silky and soft. Armpit hair personally irritates me- it's too itchy! As long as you're not becoming a slave to it, there's nothing wrong with regular shaving- but if you really can't bear to leave it be for a few days, you need to get some perspective! As for the private topiary, again that is individual choice. I've had Brazilians, and they were fun and I certainly felt pleasantly saucy afterwards, but again, they're a lot of hassle. Most men really don't care...and I always wonder with the ones that claim they do (I mean, would they turn down Megan Fox if she was totally unshaved? Really?). I think young girls in particular should realize that a lot of the pressure to shave comes from people trying to sell you things! Most people really don't care.
—Guest crawledoutofthesea

My Opinion

I have very dark hair and fairly dark skin (I'm white though) and I have dark hair on my body. I shave my legs, underarms and vagina. I started by just shaving my bikini line but I hated having so much hair down there. It started growing when I was about 8. I don't think women have to shave, it's a choice. I feel weird as I have the 'bald shaved look' down there and I'm only 13. If I had it my way no woman should shave down there. It's fine if they want to shave legs/armpits though.
—Guest Laura

Shallow thinkers

I won't attempt to tutor the ignorant or open the closed mind. What I will do is state some facts. Shaving off your body hair has nothing to do with cleanliness. Washing contributes to cleanliness. Dirt on you is dirt on you whether you have it in your hair or not. Those who do not wash when needed, shaved or unshaved, are dirty. Perhaps shaving is a futile attempt in time saving by people too lazy to wash when needed. For those of you who say men/women need to shave (insert your body part here) you are really showing your ignorance. There is no biologic or evolutionary need for a person to shave anything. Hair is naturally made to self regulate. Shaving for, the most part, is all a matter of trying to accomplish the goal of altering your appearance to fool another into thinking you are young and youthful. If you wish to make yourself look like a pre-pubescent male or female by fakery you really weed out the people with pedophilic tendency for the people who are honest.


For some reason there's no hair on my body apart from underarms and pubic areas. I'm really glad cause my hair is really dark and it literally looks horrible. I can't imagine how it would look like if I have hair on my arms and legs. I shave my underarms and pubic area about every two weeks or so.
—Guest Rachel

No Hair is Good

Women need to shave all body hair. Men need to shave testicles and surrounding area. Men also need to trim the remaining body hair short. No fuzzy navels. That way, the body is fully visible and able to be appreciated.
—Guest Dude

From the family Doc...

Women over 40 (roughly) should not wax or shave "all" ..... everything drops on older bodies, and take it from a OBGYN, it isn't as "sexy" as you might think. There's nothing wrong with well-groomed. Leave the Brazilian look for younger women.
—Guest Dr. Hugh


I don't really have a lot of hair since I'm blond and you can't see it that well. Now that I'm almost 17, I have to shave more reguarly. There's just one problem- I'm scared of shaving! I shave my armpits with a "lady shave", and undo my leg hairs with "hair removal lotion", just because I'm scared of the razors. My mom is a person who doesn't mind pubic hair, so I was taught to ignore it, but occasionally cut it. But all the girls around me wear bikinis and sexy underwear and I wanted that too! I decided to shave it all off, but since no one taught me how to, I cut myself 2 times and the next day the skin was irritated, which lasted for a whole week (itching and hurting). So I kind of didn't want to that anymore. But now that Im almost 17 (I tried it at 15 for first time) I really don't like it anymore since EVERYONE shaves. I agree a lot isn't awesome, but all of it gone? I'm not sure.. and still scared.. so a little hairy it is!
—Guest girl

Whatever makes you feel good

I'm 15 and sad to admit that my background is hairy with pale skin. I personally hate the look of my armpit hair and leg hair. So I regularly shave those areas. As for pubic hair, I shave the bikini line and occasionally shave the rest all off. If I had my way without judgment, I probably wouldn't shave the pubic area whatsoever, but in today's society, the 'modern' thing to do is shave. Although I have a lot of respect for women out there who are natural. I think that makes a female a real women.
—Guest Liz

Hair is beautiful

I believe God gave a woman hair for a reason. Keep it that way.
—Guest Stephen

hairy women

I like women to be unshaven, it's a turn on for me. If women were supposed to be hairless then they would have been born like it.
—Guest gramps

Pubic Hair...

I'm 16 years old and I started growing pubic hair at a young age. Mine become very dark and thick and grow to my inner thighs. So when I wear underwear or a bikini you can see noticeable dark hairs. :/ I like to trim and shave my bikini line because it makes me feel cleaner. I don't plan to shave all of it off because that would be way to awkward! I feel comfortable with having my hair, as long as it's groomed and managed so it looks neat. I don't like it getting too wild!! :) I think it would feel very weird to have no hair at all. During the summer months I shave off a bit more for obvious reasons. During winter months I get lazy and it grows!! lol :P
—Guest M M


Alot of the time I like to shave my legs, arms, underarms, and pubic hair. I sometimes wax, and sometimes I go natural. I shouldn't be overly expected to shave or wax all the time knowing I'm only 14. The only time I ever shave or wax is when I need to wear a bikini or any bathing suit for that matter.
—Guest Tori

Forget Society

I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't, and never have shaven my legs (I'm 16). I don't shave because of some religious affliation, some skin problem, or a sexual preference (I'm hetero); I do it out of choice. But I am ashamed that I live in an era with such absurd notions on what it means to be 'clean', 'feminine', and 'sexy'. Any woman is feminine if she has the right hormones to attract and parts to births babies (if you catch my drift). The only attempt I made to shave my ankles made me feel like a societal whore, and I thought the smoothness was disgustingly fragile. It's a rarity among others my age, and I welcome with open arms anyone else that denies the societal norms. I pray that one day we totally accept a natural woman as a model in America.
—Guest Oli

whatever works.

I'm 13! Like I'm at a crazy age to even be worrying about this, I know, but I still am. I do have a boyfriend and we go to the lake and pool all the time. I'm always worried about my "pubes" hanging out. It's really humiliating! I just got it and trim it a bit so nothing pokes out. I'm not sexually active , so I dont need to go full out. I'm happy with myself, I just dont need to be embarrassed.
—Guest i really couldnt care less

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