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Readers Respond: My Opinion On Unshaven Women

Responses: 139


Its alright!

I agree. I think that it is your choice and even though shaving is something all girls have to go through, if you don't want to, it's perfectly fine.
—Guest dont shave.

Does it even matter?!?!

I say that if you like to go for the unshaven look, great for you! But I also say that if you have someone who loves you, who cares if you shave or not and they shouldn't either! So, if you shave or don't shave, it doesn't matter! There is no law saying you have to shave! So be who you want to be!
—Guest BwhoUwant

hair or hairless your choice

I think it is up to the woman. Yes in this day and age she's taking a chance some men won't like it, but there are plenty who do...the bottom line though is whether SHE likes herself that way because she's the one who lives her body 24/7. As for me, I shave only in summer. I welcome the extra warmth in the winter. It gets pretty cold in the Pacific Northwest lol
—Guest Oregon naturegrrl

Clean body

I think it is a personal choice if women. It's best to shave/ wax your arms, legs, underarms and stuff (like all the parts that show when your dressed). But the privates should be clean but not shaved or waxed, because those parts are natural, God gave us hair there for protection... ( that's what I think!)
—Guest Kim


I have hair on my tummy and lower back, so I shave that along with my legs and armpits. But I only trim my pubic hair and don't remove it completely.
—Guest rawrness

are you serious

ok guest hairless I think it is a woman's choice whether or not she wants to shave. I mean I shave but one of my closests friends doesn't. But that doesnt make her any less beautiful than she is and in some cultures the men actually prefer that women don't shave.
—Guest Sayed

The pubic hair situation

Dude, pubic hair isn't nasty. There's nothing wrong with pubic hair on a woman. It's not dirty. It's only dirty when you don't take a shower. In that instance, bacteria, dirt and bad scents exist. The funny part about that reality: Women, of whom, choose to shave, have the same problem. Enough of the excuses. I love a hairy woman. It's what you choose.... I choose unshaved--at least, the pubic area--over shaved, period.
—Guest starboard500


I Feel Shaven Or Unshaven Is Great Both Ways And Women Should Be Open To Change Up Once In A While.
—Guest Arlo2500

it's ok

I don't like shaving the hair on my body because I get ingrown hair and it itches alot. But shaving the armpits is hygienic. I'm a girl and I don't like men with too much hair in the armpits. It accumulates dirt and stinks. I disapprove all kind of repression in society for people to be unreal and unatural in the name of fake beauty. I only approve shaving armpits or other parts of the body to avoid diseases that might come with dirt that gets on the hair.
—Guest brazilian guest

Not just an American thing!

Hey, I'm an European girl, and I just want to respond on people saying stuff like: "America has a culture all it's own - and the women in this country shave." Well, so does the women everywere else, too! It's a misunderstanding that "it's common in europe" for women to be hairy. It's NOT! European women get just as many weird looks in the street, if they walk around with hairy armpits as the American women. So please stop saying shaving is just an Amarican thing.
—Guest European girl

Its sexy

I love watching armpit hair especially in women. It's really sexy to watch when ladies wear sleeveless and grow hair, it's amazing to watch.
—Guest ppk

Hygienic Requirements

I think it's ok not shave as long as the bare minimum places are shaved: Armpits and Pubic Hair. These are the areas where the hair is a different texture than the rest of the body. Also, these are the areas where the body secretes special oils etc that attract stinky bacteria. For hygienic regions I think it's a must that people shave these areas.
—Guest Hairy Limit

Natural Shaven

I must admit I don't like seeing women with hairy legs or armpits & always shave mine. But till recently I only ever trimmed my 'below' area. Yesterday I decided to shave it & it feels lovely. It's a choice thing. Women should never feel pressured into shaving if they prefer to stay natural. Anyone who I date doesn't like me either with hair or without never bothers me & i would NEVER bow down to what others think I should do.
—Guest Chuckles 45

Unshaved women

I think it's the ultimate of sexy. I love a completely, unshaved woman. The hairier, the sexier. In America, most don't accept the look of an unshaved woman. ...but who cares?
—Guest starboard500


Well, it is a woman's choice-- and a man's. Sometimes, it just does not look right. It bothers me. But, I mean, go with whatever you want. I started shaving because I felt pressured--all my friends were doing it.... andI regret it,,,,, It's a bother to have to shave very like... week or so.
—Guest Micky

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