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Readers Respond: Describe How Waxing Hurts and Feels

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How would you describe how waxing hurts? Or would you say that it wasn't bad at all? It's different for everyone. Tell us where you got waxed and what it felt like. Share Your Pain


Ladies, waxing on the arms does not hurt. I went today after reading reviews online thinking it would really painful. But it wasn't. All you feel is a slight sting and after your arms feel so light. Just go for it. Dont be afraid, that makes things worse!
—Guest Justme

Don't be upset

When I got my legs first done it was not that bad. All I did was bite in my jumper and when the wax is being pulled off breath out, it helps. After your fifth time it's not so bad, so don't worry. My mum now can't feel a thing anymore because she's done it so much. BUT NEVER SHAVE as much as it looks easy, don't do it. And good luck. Don't be upset, just think of how good you're going to feel and look after. Hope this has helped.
—Guest Zoe

does it hurt????

I'm 11 going on 12 and I have black hair so it shows more. So my mom told me that I should get a wax on my upper lip. I'm kinda scared that it's going to hurt. So is it going to hurt really bad? On a scale from 1 through 10?
—Guest lisha

Not really

When I was just 13 years old I got my legs armpits done. It really hurts but when I did it like 6 or 8 times I got use to it. For the people that are beginners, let you mom or dad do it first so you can feel safe- it still hurts but better.
—Guest Ahhhhhh

It hurts, but not as bad as you'd think

I'm in my 20's and started waxing last year, at home, because I'm shy like that. What hurts is not the pull itself, it's only if you do something wrong. If the hair is too long, if the skin isn't prepped with baby powder, if you do too big of an area, if you pull in the wrong direction or if you chicken out and don't pull it clean in one try, it will hurt like fire. But if you take your time and do small patches until you work up your courage, and if you learn how to do it properly, it is less painful than pulling a bandaid. FYI, those who start young will have an easier time because the roots of their hair hasn't developed and gotten good grip. Just like tweezing your brows, after a while it doesn't hurt anymore; the same happens with waxing. Also, learn the difference between soft and hard wax - you use each of them for different parts of the body (DON'T use soft wax for bikini area!)
—Guest nika

Calm down

Waxing is in NO way painful at all. I like most of you had my first wax yesterday. Obviously I was scared but this is part of being a girl. I found it helps to have music to listen to, someone to text or someone interesting to tell a story. My mum waxed my arms and legs and the most (I wouldn't even call it painful) painful part was the back of my legs. And remember to always do a test patch. THE FEELING OF WAX: just imagine the feeling of getting all of your body hair removed and a layer of skin. Obviously it depends on the person but it's nothing to be scared about. Just remember that mother knows best. And if you do have a tan it will go. Sometimes you can actually see some colour on the wax strip. Anyway good luck and remember that you will feel SO much better.
—Guest Jay

First time

I'm 11 and I waxed my legs for the first time today, and to be honest it only hurts a little bit, like a stinging pain. It hurt me mostly on my thighs.
—Guest aanya

I'm 11 and im scared to wax

Ok here's the thing, I'm 11 and Im going through puberty. I'm also blessed with black hair. My mum waxes my legs and now it doesn't hurt AT ALL!! But because of my ANNOYING black hair I have VERY hairy underarms... It annoys me because I'm so cautious with what I wear and such. To make matters worse half of my summer tops are tanks!:( I really don't want to wax there. I know it will hurt but alot of people I know say it doesn't! My mum has also offererd a bikini wax!! AS IF!!! Please help me!
—Guest Scared To death

Does it hurt ?

I'm 10 going on 11 and my mum and she said I should wax because it doesn't hurt as much as shaving and when I'm there I don't know on which one I should do, underarms or legs.
—Guest Guest s

nose wax

I know this sounds weird, but all the girls went out to my cousin's beauty school and she convinced us all to get our noses waxed. It really doesn't hurt AT ALL-- super surprising. It sounds kinda odd but it was so cool. It's nice to have no hair in your nose and you can breathe better. :)
—Guest meganut


Underarms hurt the least so that means the plainly you were just not thinking straight. They hurt more, unless you know the facts, don't share.
—Guest Guest Nat


I am 12 going on 13 and my family is a very hairy family and worst of all my hair is thick and dark! I've been waxing my lip, underarms, legs and bikini for about a year now, and before you ever shave I advise waxing! It is true that after many years your hair becomes much less and may even stop. So about the pain....it will definitely vary person to person. For me it hurts only a little above the lip, the underarms and the upper legs but mostly because I've been waxing my lip and underarms longer and my upper legs hair is much thinner but my bikini and leg is still very painful. Girls I am a competitive swimmer and spend half my life in a swimming costume so please if you can avoid bikini do it!!! Lastly never use this wax we can buy from local stores rather by from a pharmacy if you have to. And if there is a salon nearby go to them! :) Wish me luck I'm actually only going to have my legs waxed tomorrow yet I have done it before :p
—Guest Elize


It hurts like crazy sometimes, normal waxing. The only thing to do is to take breaths and try to take a painkiller or something. But I guess a waxing is the safest even though it hurts.
—Guest Someone


I'm 12 and I had my first waxing EVER today!! I had my underarms done and I don't get what all the fuss is about!! It's not as bad as you think! Maybe I was lucky or something but I prepared myself for the worst (ie. screaming blood crying) from other comments. It was a bit stingy but really nothing too bad!!! Just go for it! Xxxx
—Guest Nat

What's all the fuss about?

I got my first wax ever yesterday. I had only ever had my eyebrows done and I just decided to jump in at the deep end and get a Hollywood and my underarms done. Maybe a bit risky for a wax-virgin but I thought what the heck, let's do it. So I was totally braced for the worst because of all the horror stories of people screaming and crying and what not. Well, it was a wee bit stingy but really not that big a deal. You just breath out each time a strip is ripped off and it's fine. There was no screaming, no crying and no bleeding. People just need to try relaxing. I think if you tense up it would be worse. If you relax your body releases natural pain relievers so that's what I did. I'd definitely do it again.
—Guest Priorwaxvirgin

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