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Readers Respond: Describe How Waxing Hurts and Feels

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How would you describe how waxing hurts? Or would you say that it wasn't bad at all? It's different for everyone. Tell us where you got waxed and what it felt like.

How painful it was

I waxed my bikini area when I was 14 years old. I did it myself and it was so painful that I screamed a lot and my mom thought something else.
—Guest XYZ


I got my legs waxed today, and I'm 12 years old-- IT KILLS! If you want to get killed to your death... Go for it! I'M NEVER EVER EVER DOING IT AGAIN! The wax was warm, that was the nicest part. But when I felt the wax strip lay across my legs, I knew it was going to kill me. I'm 12, and I totally know what I'm talking about. Girls, never get your legs waxed, it's a tip, so I suggest you take it! I'm sitting here now with my legs stinging.
—Guest Never doing it again

Eyebrows are not painful

Don't worry about all the posts saying people were screaming! I'm 16 and had mine done yesterday! It doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable and the only bit that causes pain for me is when they pluck the last few hairs out.
—Guest katie

Not so painful

I wax my entire body (arms, legs, underarm and have a full bikini wax) and I honestly do not find it painful at all. The beautician who does it for me uses hot wax, which doesn't hurt at all. I have a full on conversation with her while she is waxing me and I don't feel a thing. One thing I must say is the bikini area is painful. However with time the pain eases. My advice is to wax with a good beautician. Also thinking about the pain is worse than the actual waxing.
—Guest Bubbles

Legs waxed

It hurts. I tried it myself and I don't know how I finished. If you like pain then go ahead, but it really hurts!
—Guest Amanda

It gets better over time

It doesn't hurt as much as people say it does. I get legs, arms, a Hollywood bikini wax and face. The worst bit for me is toes, fingers and ankles because it is all bone. Apart from that, I actually enjoy it. And it looks so good when done.
—Guest Hair removal queen


I used to have the full Brazilian done when I lived in Germany and the technician did an awesome job. I just got one yesterday, here in the states, and it was so painful!!! She burned me with the wax and I also have bruises where she pulled it off. A couple of times, she tried to pull the wax off too soon. They didn't give me ANY tips when I booked the appt (such as take Tylenol beforehand) and I even asked them if there's anything I need to know. Oh, and she only did the front and left my butt hair. :/
—Guest Texan

Full Bikini w/o butt strip

Ok, first of all if you think your eyebrows hurt, do not get a Brazilian because those hurt! Especially if you have shaved in the past! Shaving makes the follicle thicker, therefore HARD to get rid of. The worst part has to be the top in the middle. Its was PAIN but well worth it! It's going to get better everytime and less hair also!! Hope you get one!!
—Guest Mel


I had my first Brazilian when I was thirteen because my mum was crazy with waxing, she had five different spots waxed a week! When she made me have mine, I totally freaked out because that is a sensitive place and a random beautician was going to tug hairs out of there. When we got to the salon I nearly peed myself I was so scared! When I had the first strip pulled off I actually peed myself. It scared me so much and I was crying and screaming, it was really hard to get through as a young girl! Ever since that day right up to my wedding I have never been waxed. My BFF waxed me for my wedding and she did it as soft as she could but it still hurt really bad! So if you want to wax do it, but be brave. And cry sometimes, crying can make you feel much better!
—Guest Happy hippy


The first time I got waxed, I was in sixth grade. Me and a friend went together to get our eyebrows and legs done and have more sensitive as we were only 12. It hurt so bad we were screaming and everyone in the the salon thought someone was dying, but it was us! It took four hours each because we wouldn't let her pull off the strips! So if you are going to get waxed, prepare yourself for it cause it really really hurts! Good luck!
—Guest Scared of waxing girl!

I'm scared!!!

When I was 12 I was at a sleepover with my BFF when she remembered that day she had to get her legs waxed because her mum made her, so I had to go! As soon as one strip was pulled off she was screaming. After she was done my BFF said, "Let her do your eyebrows." And I said, "No" after seeing what pain it had brought to her. But the beautician was willing to do it for free so I said, "If you take it easy on me." And she agreed only if she could do my legs as well. Well waiting for her to get ready was the scariest thing ever! When she pulled off the first strip I nearly died it hurt so much. I was screaming, crying and yelling, and now I am scared of waxing. For my wedding my new BFF waxed me (she is a beautician) she gave me every type of waxing available and it hurt! So if you are thinking about waxing, do it, but you have to be brave! If you are scared, tell the beautician to wax at your pace and stop for a while just so you can gather yourself together!
—Guest Free willy

Arm & bikini wax

For the first time, when I got my arms waxed, it was really painful because the hairs were really long. Consecutively I got my arms waxed for the third time, and I felt a slight sting. Last month I got my first Brazilian bikini wax. It didn't hurt at all. I didn't even feel the stinging sensation. I didn't use a numbing cream or take pain killer or anything. Beauty hurts, but I think it was definitely worth it and I would do it again.

Bikini wax

I got a bikini wax i was brused up really bad. It was so painful. Is there anything that can reduce the pain more? I took ibuprofen but need something strong. I would like to do it again.
—Guest Girly

Describe how waxing hurts and feels

Hey gang, came up with a good idea the other day to get my back waxed after not having it done for 9 months. It was rather long hair like around an inch in some places. I had a read of a few tips on the net to reduce the pain cause I knew what I was in for. Popped my advil pills like half an hour before my appointment. I was feeling a little nervous and headed off. When I arrived and she said you need your back, shoulders and top of arms done. Okay, away we go. I layed down and zoned out a bit. It hurt a little bit but not as bad as I was expecting. The deep breaths when you feel the wax go on then one quick breath out when she rips it off kinda helps. Anyways 1 hour later I was done, I stood up and had a look at my hairy chest in the mirror. I was like 'Hmmm never done my chest, might give it a go. Does it hurt more than the back?' I asked. She said "No, I use the other type of wax on your chest not the strips." I've had this style of wax before in some places and it didn't hurt to much. So I agreed. Um ow- it really hurt!
—Guest Fullywog

Waxing is Great, Ingrown Hairs Stink

I have always considered myself to have a low pain threshold, and I refused to pluck my eyebrows, even though my mother hounded me about it. I finally got them waxed when I was 23. I was surprised that it didn't really hurt that badly at all. It stung, but only for a few seconds, and if the technician is good, she will press down on the area of skin right after she pulls off the wax. I don't know why, but it lessens the sting every time. After a few eyebrow waxes, I decided to brave a bikini wax. Again, it was surprisingly not bad, so I progressed to full Brazilian. After a while I actually kinda liked it (it was like a stress reliever getting the hair yanked out, I don't know), except for the one time the lady used wax that was too hot. I was getting Brazilians on a regular basis for a while, but then I began to develop ingrown hairs and had to stop. Some of them were ridiculous - on three occasions, I pulled out a hair that had grown three inches long under my skin.
—Guest Guest

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