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Naomi  Torres

Is Threading Hair Removal Sanitary?

By June 9, 2011

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eyebrow threading, threading sanitary Someone emailed questioning how sanitary threading is because the person uses their mouth to hold the string. Actually there are two different techniques that are used for threading hair, one where they use only their hands as an anchor and the other that uses their mouth (see video).

I never really thought about it too much even though the girl that I've gone to for threading did use her mouth. But she would only put one part of the string in her mouth keeping it there for the entire service, while using another part of the string to remove hair the whole service. So the part of the string that was in her mouth never came close to my skin, it's simply used as an anchor. Think about it: If they do put part of the string in their mouth, they don't want it to move either. I'm sure they don't want string that was used to remove hair to be in their mouth next. Yuk!

After use the string should be thrown away. It's actually one of the most sanitary methods of hair removal. In reality, there's a lot more to worry about getting a sanitary service when you get a wax (see warning signs.)

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