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Naomi  Torres

How to Remove Bikini Hair

By April 29, 2012

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Whether you want to remove a lot or a little of bikini hair, the method you choose has much to do with how long it will last and any side effects you might see.

While shaving is the most common and quickest answer to the problem of unwanted hair, it's not your only option. With a little planning and guidance, a hair-free bikini line that lasts for weeks can be yours. Learn about all the methods- from temporary to permanent, how to stay bump-free, and tips for men and women in: How to Remove Bikini Hair.

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May 5, 2012 at 12:24 am
(1) Shorne says:

Can you please set the record straight!

In actuality shaving dry, with an electric personal shaver, not a face shaver, gives “smooth as waxing” skin safely with no itch, nicks, bumps or ingrown hairs. Sadly this method is often confused with razor shaving.
No nicks, bumps, lumps or itch.

Shaving with a blade razor is the absolute best way to get, nicks, ingrown hairs, bumps and shaver rash. The myth about hair growing back thicker and faster appears to occur ONLY when people wet shave. The reason – the skin cells absorb water through osmosis when wet. Then the cells swell and ride up the hair shaft covering a good portion of the base of the hair so the blades cannot reach the bottom of the hair. When the skin dries the cells deflate and the base of the hair reappears, causing this urban legend of shaving making hair grow back thicker. This is why dry shaving gets the smoothest longest lasting results.

Waxing despite the popularity is overpriced and can damage skin and can cause permanent demarcation.

There are increasing horror stories about the use of depilatory cremes on the genital area. http://io9.com/5906465/the-most-alarming-amazon-reviews-ever. The same goes for laser both IPL and salon lasers.

The only true permanent hair removal method is electrolysis, at least according to the FDA. However the needle are painful and the process takes a very long time and multiple procedures and is thus expensive.

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