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Naomi  Torres

Naomi Torres

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Naomi Torres, an accredited educator has given hands-on training and written entire on-line classes for Estheticians and Cosmetologists (people licensed to perform services at salons and spas). As a licensed Cosmetologist, she has worked in salons and spas providing hair, skin, nail and hair removal services.


Her freelance work includes writing newsletters, web content and menu descriptions for salons and spas. She has written for Stylist Magazine and continuing education classes for Cosmetology Campus.


Naomi Torres completed the training and testing to hold a Manager's Cosmetology license.

By Naomi Torres:

When I got my first eyebrow wax, I was hooked. Even though it was a little painful, the waxing was over with pretty quickly, but lasted a long time. Since then, I have experimented with various hair removal methods, trying out different products and even age-old practices like threading and sugaring.

I've been writing for this Site since 2008 and learn more each day to help you navigate through the latest products, minimize side effects of hair removal and take the pain factor down.

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